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i bought a mozda rx8 it has been sitting for four years so i havs a lot of work to do to get it running. i have no owners manual and need a ase mechanics book. basically a learners manual. where should i go to find a book to help me out (for cheap) also the lady i got the car from has been holding on to it because its he deceased sons and has no title. how do i get a title to this car. i have the bill of sell.

Your best bet to find repair and owners manuals is the internet. Try searches for ’rx8 repair manuals’ etc. Also, search for a Mazda RX8 internet forum. Car forums can be a good source of parts and information. You might even try some Mazda dealership parts departments for the owner’s manual or even service manuals. They may still have some around or be able to get them. As for getting a title, you will have to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state for information on how to obtain it. Laws and requirements vary state to state.

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