Q: Had Oxygen sensor replaced twice by different shops. Still get this code intermitently.

asked by on February 20, 2017

After replacement of O2 sensor on Northstar engine multiple times, everything is ok for some period of 1 day to a month. This last time failure occurred after about 2 weeks and after driving in a rainstorm. Since we've replaced this O2 sensor multiple times it appears to be something else. Also, performance and or gas mileage does not seem to suffer when the service engine soon light is on. So, as above, can it be a broken wire or connector that is intermittent? Can this portion of wiring harness be replaced? If so so how much$$?

My car has 150000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. A technician will have to diagnose your vehicle to see exactly which wiring is at fault. There are other things which can cause an oxygen sensor check engine light such as a vacuum leak or a bad catalytic converter. A technician with the scan tool capable of reading live data will be able to test the oxygen sensor and read the data of the other sensors to determine what is causing your oxygen sensor issue to reoccur. There may be a wiring issue such as a wire rubbing on the hot exhaust causing it to short-circuit. I will ask customer support to send you a price quote for the inspection of your check engine light.

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