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Checking ect to.see if it is bad no check engine ligh or codes car acts up when warming up test ect this morn while in engine cold weather was in the minus could not get reading on 20k ohms so wwnt to 200k got reading of 45.6 which dont think is right. Then warmed engine up to operating teml checked sensor again was able to on 20k ohms got reading of 0.90 ohms not sure if readings are within specs. When engine is cold.it runs fine, upon warming up it feels like missfirewhile in park idling can here in exhausr but if rev engine say around 2000rpm. It reallymisfires and if.rev slow doesnt seem to changed everythinv i could on motor this problem evasing me hoping it ect 194000kms on car

My car has 194000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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