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Q: P1682 code with remote start from factory

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I had asked about p1682 code, answers about differences in voltage, car has remote start, could this be part of the issue, makes a humming noise just like I described before when using remote start but when key is turned on noise stops???

My car has 90000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If the noise only occurs when you use remote start, that means that whatever is in "that" (factory added) circuit would surely be looked at. As you probably know, problems of this type are diagnosed using electrical test equipment, along with the factory wiring diagram. The "noise" is a clue but the OBD-II code you supplied really has to first be resolved (because the code is a direct and immediate indicator of the likely problem) and that code refers to an electrical issue. The code is associated with very specific wiring and components. Those are checked first and the code resolved. In the course of that the component making the noise (a relay for example) might be implicated and thence replaced. The fastest resolution will be had if you request an electrical diagnostic because this sort of problem, and the particular code, are dealt with by Mechanics routinely every day. You can, of course, observe the process to see how the fault is identified.

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