When I start the engine, fuel gushes out. I have a 2005, ...

When I start the engine, fuel gushes out. I have a 2005, Dodge [Ram 1500](/topics-ram-1500/), 4.7 Liter. I had a fuel pump replaced a few months ago. Never have had this problem before. When I get under the truck, from the front o...

When I start the engine, fuel gushes out. I have a 2005, Dodge [Ram 1500](/topics-ram-1500/), 4.7 Liter. I had a fuel pump replaced a few months ago. Never have had this problem before. When I get under the truck, from the front of the tank, to the engine, there is no leak. Just on top. Could this be another fuel pump? Mechanic's Assistant: Have you ever replaced the fuel pump, or is this the original? Just replaced a couple months ago. Not sure if new or not. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Ram 1500 yourself? What have you tried so far? It is in my driveway. Don't dare to run it. Plus, it is dark out! Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Whether it is a fuel pump or not. No cracks in the tank, or anything running to the front of the engine.

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Hello and welcome! My name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I can assist you with your question. I am a former master tech and I have worked in this field for 20 years. I specialize this type of problem you are experiencing so I am confident I can assist with this issue. I am sorry you are having this issue and I understand this can be frustrating so I will try my best to help. While we are working on this issue together, please allow up to 30 minutes (or more) between replies as I might be online helping other customers or offline spending time with family. Please understand I can only see what is on this page and what you have already shared with me. Please keep in mind, I don’t know the history of the vehicle and I don’t know your mechanical ability, however, I will try my best to help. The phone call prompts are automatic and are coming from the web site, not from me. If you would like to speak on the phone, please request a phone call on your end and I will call you right away. I am going to start by asking some basic questions to get up to caught up to where you are at with this situation so I can assist you in a timely manner. I appreciate your time and patience while we are working together on this issue. My goal is to provide you with a pleasant experience and ensure all of your questions are answered. Please reply back at anytime so I can fully answer or address any questions or concerns you may have. _Please download or save any documents or images I may send you as they will automatically expire after 7 days._ Can I start by getting your first name? Thank you

PhillipI will do it online.
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Thank you Philip. If you're saying that fuel is coming out from the top of the tank this could be a few different things. First he could have a faulty new fuel pump. Second the seal between the pump in the tank could be leaking or third the whole down or fuel pump ring that holds it in place could be broken or not installed correctly for some reason. The only way to know what's going on would be to lower the fuel tank down and have a close look at things. I suppose the fuel pressure line could be leaking as well. The fuel pressure line or the connector where it plugs into the fuel pump assembly could be leaking. Again once you lower the tank down just a little bit and have a closer look have someone turn the key on while you watch to see where the fuel is coming from. Now that I think about it, it's likely coming from the fuel pressure line or connection because that's under pressure when the fuel pump runs.

I just had the fuel pump replaced a month or so ago. I have a feeling, that is the issue.
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Yes sir I would agree. If this was done in the shop then I would suspect is to be replaced under warranty. If you replace the pump yourself you might be able to get the pump replaced at the parts store under warranty

It runs fine. There is no fuel leak towards the front or back of the tank, just from the top.
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Got it. Yes sounds like an installation issue or possibly a bad new part. I will go back to the place that install the fuel pump and have them take another look at it. Glad I can help. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks and have a great night!

I plan on calling the garage I had it replaced at. I was on vacation for two weeks, so in that month or more, I have only used it today!in a nutshell, it seems that the area of the fuel pump is the problem? Or at least, the leading possibility.
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Yes sir you got it!

Thank you very much. I figured that, since I went on vacation after and used it for the first time since, and it just happens. I appreciate your help!
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Sounds good you are most welcome! Thanks and have a great night

You as well. Goodbye!
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