My truck would shake while i accelerated and at times fla...

My truck would shake while i accelerated and at times flash my check engine light, A few days later she completely died on me when i came to a full stop. My gal pedal locked, as well as for my breaks and my steering wheel. Mec...

My truck would shake while i accelerated and at times flash my check engine light, A few days later she completely died on me when i came to a full stop. My gal pedal locked, as well as for my breaks and my steering wheel. Mechanic's Assistant: Does the light stay on, or does it blink? Since it has died it stays on but before it would only come on if i was accelerating. Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 2001 Dodge Ram pickup 1500 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Ram yourself? What have you tried so far? Yes, We have replaced the [fuel injectors](/topics-fuel-injector-dodge/) as well as the spark plugs like the scanner told us what was wrong but now we think it is the timing chain but we arent sure exactly

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Welcome to JustAnswer. Thank you for contacting us for assistance with your vehicle. I'm Pete. I will be happy to assist you with your question. May I ask to whom I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

My name is Ali
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Hello Ali. Nice to hear from you today! I'm sorry to hear you are having this problem. I know this can be frustrating. Can you tell me what fault codes came up with this issue when your vehicle was checked with a compatible scan tool plugged into it?

We have plugged it in a couple of times, the reading that I got when i did it was P0203 and P0204
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Was or is it always showing the P0204 and P0203 codes when it was checked?

When my dad checked it, it read Pd204 and Pd206
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Thank you for your reply and that information as this does help me better understand the situation. Please give me one moment to type out some info for you. I’ll be right back! Thank you for holding Ali! Those two codes that are coming up are to let you know that a fault is detected with the fuel injector circuits. Since the injectors were already replaced and did not resolve the issue then this indicates that the issue is either a fault in the wiring leading from the engine computer to the injectors themselves to where the wiring needs to be inspected and repaired or an issue with the engine computer itself internally to where it is not activating the injectors properly. The wiring has to be checked leading from the injectors to the computer. If any issues are found with the wiring then the wiring will need to be repaired. If the wiring is checked and found to be o.k. then the engine computer has to be replaced. When it is replaced it has to be programmed by a dealer while it is in your vehicle in order for it to operate properly. This type of replacement can cost over $500 in some cases. This won't be an issue with any of the timing components based on the codes coming up.

Okay and this would cause my spark plugs to not be combusting correct?we just replaced my spark plugs and when my dad pulled them out to check how they were, they were practically black.
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That is correct. If they are black then there is too much fuel which indicates a wiring problem to the injectors or an issue with the engine computer itself. Those will cause the problem your seeing with the vehicle and have to be checked into.

you say it is best to take in to a dodge dealership?
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The wiring leading from the injectors to the computer can be checked by anyone to see if any of the wiring has to be repaired. If the wiring is checked and found to be o.k. though then the computer itself has to be replaced and this is when the dealer would need to perform the replacement.

Alrighty, Thank you so much, I will relay this information to my dad.
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Your welcome! Glad I could be of some help! I hope everything works out well for you! If there are any additional questions on this issue that should arise, please feel free to reply and ask! Thank you for choosing Just Answer for your questions. Have a great day!

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