My cars coolant temp, goes up a little past the half way ...

My cars coolant temp, goes up a little past the half way point just past the half line when I'm in traffic, it goes 1 or 2 lines past the half way point but cools down to the half way point when speeding up ...

My cars coolant temp, goes up a little past the half way point just past the half line when I'm in traffic, it goes 1 or 2 lines past the half way point but cools down to the half way point when speeding up

Automotive Expert
Hello there and thank you for contacting JustAnswer, sorry to hear about your car trouble, I’ll do my best to help you solve this issue, have you checked the coolant level?

I think it's on good level
Automotive Expert
Ok it sounds like the thermostat is going bad. Do you know how to replace it?

Automotive Expert
Ok do you know a shop that can do the work for you?

You sure that is the only issue?
Automotive Expert
Do you have a scanner to scan for any codes? It could be your radiator, clogged hoes, a leak inside the engine, or a head gasket.
Automotive Expert
Please let me know if you need any more assistance?
Automotive Expert
I’m here please let me know how can I assist you?

Can i still drive my car like this?
Automotive Expert
you can, just keep an eye on your temperature gauge. If it gets too hot stop the engine right away.

What is too hot?
Automotive Expert
Anything over three quarters is probably not good for the engine.

little like 1 or 2 is not to hot?Line
Automotive Expert
Can you send me a picture of your temperature gauge please.

Can i send to your email a picture?
Automotive Expert
We can’t give emails website policy. Can you please attach it to the chat.

I'm not sure how
Automotive Expert
you don’t want your gauge to go passed the red.

I drive yesterday like hour the gauge was on cold side almost to the middle the whole way but after i arrived when i turn of the car and turn back on the gauge past the red line to the hot side but it's was got back to the middle
Automotive Expert
That’s a good sign. It’s thermostat if it’s ok when you drive it. Just be careful at stop lights and when idling.

What do you mean be careful if its just the thermostat ??
Automotive Expert
You need to replace it.

Can you give me instruction how to replace it?
Automotive Expert
What I meant be careful when at heavy traffic. When the car moves tge engine cools off , when idling the thermostat is not working.

When the car stopping is it not cooling off the engine?
Automotive Expert
Not when the thermostat is broken.Do you hear the cooling fan engaging?

Im not sure where i supposed to hear that
Automotive Expert
when the car warms up do you hear the engine fan going it's pretty loud.

How I'm getting rid from lights on dashboard how can reset the [battery](/topics-battery-dodge/)?
Automotive Expert
Hello, you need a scanner to reset the codes. Any auto part shop can do it for free.

Can you pls share how to do it
Automotive Expert
Do you have a scanner?

Not yetIf i get a scanner how i reset the codes?
Automotive Expert
Ok they are different let know which one you get, so I can share the right directions.

it's not the way to set reset with the battery?
Automotive Expert
You can try removing the battery terminals for 10 minutes and put them back, it usually resets itself for a while.


File attached (MVV27V6)

File attached (3GG1P7M)

From scanner
Automotive Expert
Got it I’m away from my computer, I’ll have to get back with you tomorrow morning please.

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