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Hello 4 months ago my cars check engine light came on and it read the code for a distributor so I put a new one in and got the code cleared an it was fine until a few days ago and the check engine light came on again and it is reading the same code so I put another new distributor in and it is doing the same thing so I'm just not sure what else could be wrong with it and what I should do now.

My car has 207587 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The distributor on the 1996 Accord has an integrated Cylinder Position (CYP) Sensor, Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP) and Top Dead Center (TDC) Sensor. If you have replaced the distributor due to diagnostic trouble code P1382 setting, which involves faults with those sensors, it is recommended that you go through Honda’s diagnostic routine for that code on the 1996 Accords. This should be done by a certified Mechanic in the context of a check engine light diagnostic which you can request be performed right at your location. The basic steps are below, however, the necessary terminal drawings that identify the terminals by number are not shown and, as well, the Factory Service Manual wiring diagram is not shown.

  1. Perform PCM reset procedure. Start engine. If DTCs P1381 and/or P1382 are not present, system is okay at this time. Failure is intermittent. Check for poor connections or loose wires between CYP connector and PCM connectors. If DTCs P1381 and/or P1382 are present, turn ignition off. Disconnect distributor connector.

  2. On Accord (F22B1 engine), measure resistance between sensor terminals No. 4 (CYPP) and No. 5 (CYPM). On Accord (F22B2 engine) and Prelude, measure resistance between sensor terminals No. 2 (CYPP) and No. 4 (CYPM). On Accord, resistance should be 800-1500 ohms. On Prelude, resistance should be 500-1000 ohms.

  3. If resistance is not as specified, replace distributor. If resistance is as specified, check for continuity between ground and CYP sensor terminals No. 2 and 4 (Accord F22B1) or terminals No. 4 and 5 (Accord F22B2 and Prelude) individually. If continuity exists, replace distributor.

  4. If continuity exists, reconnect distributor connector. Disconnect PCM connector "C". Measure resistance between PCM connector terminals C4 and C14 If resistance is not 800-1500 ohms, repair open in appropriate wire(s).

  5. If resistance is 800-1500 ohms, check for continuity between ground and PCM connector terminals C4. If continuity exists, repair short in appropriate wire(s). If continuity does not exist, substitute a known-good PCM and recheck. If symptom or problem goes away, replace original PCM.

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