Q: Dangerously pausing when trying to accelerate 2016 Volkswagon Jetta

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On many occasions, my Jetta would often pause up to 3 or 4 seconds when attempting to accelerate from a stop or stop light or sign and also when on the highway and I am attempting to pass another car. I feel that this lack of response is dangerous and disappointing for a new car. I have seen where other drivers have had this same problem but for some reason it wasn't corrected. Dealers have told their customers that there was nothing that can be done about this problem nor would Volkswagen entertain the idea of correcting it. What do you think would be the cause of these pauses? Could it be the fuel pump or something wrong with the engine itself assuming the fuel pump is located elsewhere?

My car has 1750 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there - if you test-drove the same model (engine/transmission especially) before purchasing this car, is the performance the same or is this specific car slower? While VW is recovering from the diesel emissions (and performance) scandal, this did not apply to gas-powered models of this vintage. Ask to drive a comparable model at the dealer if you feel your car is malfunctioning, or have the mechanic do a "ride-along" so you can get his/her personal reaction. If you feel you are not getting an adequate response, call VW Customer Service.

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