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Starts and runs fine if it above 40 degrees F outside. Idle is about 600(seems a bit low) when engine in warmed up. Does not want to start the first 2 to 5 tries (or it wont start at all), then (if) it will start and then die after a few seconds up to like 20 seconds or so/ After that it might run fine or it just keeps dying. When its warmer outside it fires right up ~ no hesitation ~ no stalling ~ runs fine so it seems anyways. I have put new spark plugs in, sprayed a full can of sea foam aerosol through the throttle body, cleaned the MAF, cleaned the IAC, Cleaned the IAT which looked a bit oily and the wire sensor was bent over a little (?). I did NOT check any sensors with a multi meter ( don`t own one ). I did NOT do any pressure test on the gas line. I did NOT do a vacuum leak test. I do not own a OBD 1 to read any codes. NO engine light to indicate any present issues.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there:

Most of the time, when the weather gets really cold as you’ve indicated, fuel will not stay primed inside the fuel injectors; which can cause the vehicle to struggle to start when it’s cold. This is typically caused by reduced fuel pressure; caused by a fuel pump that is slowly wearing. The best thing to do is contact a professional mobile mechanic to complete a car is hard to start inspection, so they can pinpoint what’s causing this issue on your Ford and recommend the right repairs be made.

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