In cold weather it won't start....iv replaced [battery](/...

In cold weather it won't start....iv replaced [battery](/topics-battery-chrysler/), sliding door actuator, starter twice, the TYPM, front motor mount, upper and lower manifolds now they want to replace oil cooler assembly Mech...

In cold weather it won't start....iv replaced [battery](/topics-battery-chrysler/), sliding door actuator, starter twice, the TYPM, front motor mount, upper and lower manifolds now they want to replace oil cooler assembly Mechanic's Assistant: When was your last oil change? 3200 miles ago Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 2012 chrysler town and country Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Town and Country yourself? What have you tried so far? No the texas dodge dealership has been doing the repairs but they aren't making anything better only giving it back in same or worse condition each time and charging me WAY TOO MUCH

Automotive Expert
Hi im sorry your having these issues the oil cooler is a very common failure on these and is under the intake manifold (it is part of the [oil filter](/topics-oil-filter-chrysler/) housing adapter) they are currently on back order for most of the USA a defective coolant temp sensor could cause a no start but would also set a code, if it turns over but will not start i would look first at replace the TIPM \*Please note: You may see offers for Premium Services pop up. These offers are automatically generated by the system, not by me. They are optional and do carry an additional charge. We can always continue to work on your solution through messaging

We did replace the TIPM
Automotive Expert
Ok when it occurs does it turn over but not start or does it not turn over?

it's spinning but ain't catching
Automotive Expert
When it happens can you have a assistant listen at the tank cycle the key on and they will hear a buzzing sound for about 2 seconds (do not crank just turn to on) of course you will need to do this when its cold (the computer primes the [engine](/topics-engine-chrysler/) by turning on the fuel pump (using the TIPM) for a couple of seconds if its currently starting it will buzz if tested as described so you know what to listen for.

if there is or isn't a buzz sound then what
Automotive Expert
see if it starts if it does not look for a security light, you could have a key fob issue

What security light and it did buzz
Automotive Expert
which one of these lights are you seeing and are they flashing after you attempt to start it?

I cant hardly see the light pictures but I know a red lightning bolt would pop up
Automotive Expert
Ok have you ever had the Throttle body replaced?
Automotive Expert
Also i wanted to share looking up your exact concern the most replaced item unfortunately is the computer which has to be done at the dealership attached is failures in order of most to least likely

Ok well my situation is alittle different cuz once u manage to get it to start its good the rest the day even when it's cold it's just trying to start it in the cold first thing in the morning after sitting all night
Automotive Expert
Ok no problem do this tomorrow (I will check back on you then) cycle the key from off to on leaving it off for 10 seconds before cycling back to on (do not crank just turn key on), do that 4 times then on the 5th cycle crank it if it starts the fuel pump has failed (it has a check valve that holds fuel in the line after shutting off) if this check valve is bad it will have a hard time starting after sitting over night.

Well it's at the dealership they r putting in the starter for a second time and they r trying to replace the oil cooler assemblyAlso trying to charge me 1200Not including starter cuz thats under warranty
Automotive Expert
ok well those 2 things will not likely fix your issue, but once you have it back see if it will do the tests i've outlined here and we can go from there. I will check back on this ticket periodically how long before you will get it back?

Before Friday hopfully
Automotive Expert
ok I will look for this ticket every day until then please do'nt rate me until after as it may drop off my sheet Lance

Actually I can go get it todayBut oil is leaking on starter which is what messed up the 1st starter
Automotive Expert
Right the oil leaks between the cylinder heads onto the [transmission](/topics-transmission-chrysler/) bell housing (where the starter is) so if you get it back today do the cycle the key thing tomorrow morning and let's see what happens. Lance

Ok I need help b
Automotive Expert
Hi ok what happened?

I need someone to replace the manifold gaskets I have the parts
Automotive Expert
I'm sorry that's not something I can do remotely I can provide work instructions if your capable. Otherwise look for local shops that have ASE certified technicians If they replaced the oil cooler/ filter housing adapter they had to remove the upper and lower intake already so they should have replaced them at that time.

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