Q: Changed O2 sensors BMW now wont start

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Please I need some help, My husband decided to change the O2 sensors on my BMW 328i 2007 using Bosch universal sensors, due to a service engine soon light. We did this evening, he was sure he touched nothing else. Only one thing that we forgot to unplug the battery and the car was locked while he did ( we didnt pay attention) until he touched the hood sensor while putting everything back in place and alarm went off and I deactivated it. I wanted to get it off the ramps to the drive way when we were done, but it would turn all sorts of lights and when I push Start engine it would crank for 3 secs and then not start. Trying a second time the car would shut off. Can't put in neutral so don't think we can tow it. And since there is only one place that can maybe look at it in over 30 miles radius. I have read every single post about this issue, so we tried checking the battery and jump start it but no go. My husband couldn't reach the starter. Checked all the fuses though and the IVS, just

My car has 103000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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