Q: Car stalling and there is a strong gasoline smell.

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A few months ago we started noticing an issue with our gasoline gauge. The indicator would say 70 miles to empty but the car would die as though it was out of gas. We replaced the fuel pump and thought the issue was resolved. Now the car dies randomly. We will be driving down the road and it will just die. It can sometimes be restarted immediately, other times it has to sit for a while. All temp gauges are fine. The only codes thrown were replated to the Throttle Position Sensor - which we then replaced. Also replaced recently are the engine air filter, alternator, brakes, serpentine belt, idler pulley, and transfer case - if it matters. We are aware of a small exhaust leak that while be fixed next week. What could be causing this? I really just need this car to hold out a few more months until I can get a newer one.

My car has 270944 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. There could be an electrical issue with the cluster panel on the dash causing the gauge to malfunction. For the fuel smell, there could be a vapor fuel line that is cracked under the vehicle or the purge solenoid in the canister could be stuck causing the system to relieve through the fuel lines or the connection. Check the fuel system for any leaks and look for any signs of wet fuel around the fuel lines and the fuel canister. If you have to replace any parts, I suggest that the parts are to be replaced with OEM specified parts. If you need further assistance with your fuel system, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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