Q: My truck won't start. No sound, no lights, nothing turns on when I go to start my truck.

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A week ago my truck stalled while taking a turn at the intersection and then it was completely dead and I had to get it jump started from a friend. After I got it jump started, it died 5 more times trying to get it to my house. Almost every turn I took it stalled and had to be jumped again. I took the battery to autozone & they charged it and said I had a bad battery so I got a new one. We went and put it in my truck and it still wouldn't start. We figured it was the alternator. A friend came and took my alternator out and we went to O'reillys and I got a new one and we put it in my truck. Tightened the terminals and everything and got my truck to start. That was a week ago. Today I drove to the grocery store and when I got back into my truck it didn't want to start. Nothing turned on at all. No sounds or anything. We tried to jump start it and nothing happens. What could be the problem?

My car has 166000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. The vehicle is likely having issues with the battery. When the alternator fails, the vehicle does its best to rely on the battery, which puts it under an incredible amount of stress. This likely burned out the battery. Another confirming factor is that the vehicle relies solely on the battery to start, and is the main reason for symptoms like yours. You may be able to run the vehicle if jumped, but the vehicle may run poorly if at all. For more help changing the battery, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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