I have a question about MEE headlights

I have a question about MEE headlights Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the fuses? Have you checked the bulbs? Yes fuses good, I went To wrecking yard n got a total headlight switch for a 1997 Subaru Impreza ( multi...

I have a question about MEE headlights Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the fuses? Have you checked the bulbs? Yes fuses good, I went To wrecking yard n got a total headlight switch for a 1997 Subaru Impreza ( multi-function switch) but after car runs for a bit headlights don’t work but EVERYTHING else does 🧐🧐🤨 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Impreza yourself? What have you tried so far? Yes MEE self. I’m knowledgeable but this is kicking my butt. I’m NOT AN electrician 🙃 can relays over heat and tern on and off intermediately ? Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? My my my you type fast 👍🙃 um EVERYTHING ELSE works with wrecking yard switch just like my old switch but head lights ( even with high beams ) don’t work. Before I changed out for wrecking yard switch,,, if I turned of car a let her ( Snowline) sit for bout half hour then headlights would work BUT after about 20 minutes they shut off. I still have turn signals, brake lights and parking lights 🤨🤨 I’m dumbfounded 🙃

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Howdy from Tennessee, I'm Chris aka Moose. Who am I helping today? I'm glad you've come here to get help. I will do my best to get the answer you are looking for. I help many customers, so sometimes my replies are delayed, I will respond once available. I try to be online at 1-5 pm and 10 pm-5 am every day. - When the headlights fail, are all, the low, high, and flash to pass light not operational?

Good Morning Chris in Tennessee I'm Jason in Washington StateYakima,,, hazards, brake lights, parking lights work even when headlights go outI'm Dumfounded = I'm not good a electrician soooo can headlightrelays shut off intermittently when before go tits UP= going bad ?

Last night after installing a whole headlight switch cluster, stillhad PROBLEM after car ran for a bit. THEE KICKER = I went out 5minutes ago, started car n headlights came on. Low n high beam.I'm dumbfounded with this.

Customer attachment 2/6/2021 4:19:42 PM

I'm THINKING I may redo wires on a toggle switchesAs a P.S. do you know what Vehicle I'm having PROBLEM with ?

Customer attachment 2/6/2021 4:42:24 PM
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Hello, Jason Sorry, you missed what I asked prior. - When the headlights fail, are all, the low, high, and flash to pass light not operational?

Everything Else works weather headlong or offCan we voice chat ?
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I sent the link to allow a call, or you can do so on your end.

Hello Moosen
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It shows your payment for the call failed. When the headlights fail. The low beams, high beams, and flash to pass lights will not longer work, is that correct?

Payment should have worked nowWe need to voice chat.
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Customer has requested a Live discussion via phone, but payment failed 6 Feb 2021, 3:10 PM That is what I see. I can not call until the payment is successful.

OK. I'll go on iPad n get that problem figured out for payment,,, GOSEA HAWKS
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I should be set now Moose
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Try to setup up the call again, still shows a failure on my page view.

I'm on JUSTANSWER that has your picture Chris AKA MOOSE It says " thank you for updating payment method "
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I can try sending another phone offer.

Try calling me please.
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All calls have to be funneled through the website so they can record the call. Plus I do not know your number because a call has not been approved.

I called 4\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\* n left a voicemail. My # \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*
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I cannot just call, the payment has to be completed. I will get banned for breaking the rules.
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We have had 18 lines of communication about the phone call that for some reason is not processing on your end or through the website. I can resolve this concern with your lights through chat within in minutes if you can just supply a little more info. Jason, when the headlights fail, are all, the low, high, and flash to pass lights not operational?

My card got shut off ( security reasons ) after I updated my info withyour company sooooo I'm going somewhere else for help withheadlights problem.Ok let's try this again Moose. Did my payment go through?
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Glad you figured out why the payment was denied. Since you were not able to reply to the info request I sent. I cannot be as accurate and thorough as I would like in my answer. I hope what I can provide does help. I am going to assume the low, high, FTP all stop working. In that case, the likely fault will be a weak ground to the multifunction switch or the contacts in the multifunction switch are failing. The relays are for left and right lamps, it would be odd for both to fail at the same time. Since you are seeking help elsewhere I assume you do not plan to diagnose. Thank you for seeking us for help, I hope I provided what was needed. Press reply if you need to follow up. If you liked my answer please let me know so I can mark your question complete. Moose

When headlights go out, everything else works. ,,, I'm going to do more testing. Put steering wheel back on n go on a test drive.Can I reach you hear or should I bump up JUSTANSWER if I more questions?Here
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You would reply right here if more help is needed on this concern.

I paid $26.00 for NO HELP AT ALL ( I bumped my bank account at yall got paid )All I got was questions. My headlight problem is Unique, that's why I wanted a voice chat = faster that way.

Text when you arrive I'm in the back.


f\*\*k YOUR COMPANY you charge with So called Automotive tex

Moose you are SLOW

I paid for a VOICE CONTACTDO NOT f\*\*k MEEOR OR OR ARE YOU moose To STUPID to help ? ,,-,,, I PAID THEE $26.00 and YOU Moose ) is a price of Shit FROM AN ALASKA FISHERMANS STANDARSf\*\*k you and f\*\*k your company are going to buy it out in trade it right back to youLETS PLAY IN sleep mode = EVERY Human Needs to sleep at onePOINT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPOPOOOOO On Earth As It Is HEAVEN
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I think it is best I let the website handle your concerns based on your language.

I Agree. When my Bank RED LINED payment transaction first off = shouldhave been a HINT of waste of my time AND $26.00 asking for help.
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I understand

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