2008 Cadillac [CTS](/topics-cts/) cranks 3/4th of the tim...

2008 Cadillac [CTS](/topics-cts/) cranks 3/4th of the time but doesn't start. There's a few times the car started, no problem. Now it's not starting, cranking over a bit but it has a weird noise. Like it's losing power or not gett...

2008 Cadillac [CTS](/topics-cts/) cranks 3/4th of the time but doesn't start. There's a few times the car started, no problem. Now it's not starting, cranking over a bit but it has a weird noise. Like it's losing power or not getting fuel. Like it car running out of gas. There has. I just put gas in right b4 this happened Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the [engine](/topics-engine-cadillac/)'s fuel supply? And the spark plugs -- are they all working? The spark plugs r good. Idk what the engine fuel sipply is. The [fuel pump](/topics-fuel-pump-cadillac/)? Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your CTS yourself? What have you tried so far? Ya. Tryin 2. Replacing the battery, spark plus n the fuses Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? They gonna call or text?

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Hello, I'm Tyson with just answer, I’m sorry you’re having trouble. I can assist you today. There may be a slight delay due to site and **ignore the just answer call pop ups** they have can be confusing and are site generated, if we get to a point we need the live call we can but most prefer to use the site. I will do my best to reach the following goals: · Find the correct fix · Save you time and money · Give great service · Earn your 5 star rating
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I would suspect the starter solenoid is getting weak which would require a new starter, however have you had it hooked up to a scanner that monitors live data during this no start? That should uncover at least the correct area to be sure.

What if I don't have a scanner that can monitor it. I have an obll readerThe reader said something about an engine performance percisionI have no clue what that is or what could have cause that to happenI just bought this car for a lil under $11,000. Onlya few months ago
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A reader that pulls codes? In my opinion it would be cheaper to have professional diagnoses as i can tell you 3 or 4 things it could be but you replace all 4 your getting into some money. Starter, [Alternator](/topics-alternator-cadillac/), PCM, fuel pump all could be cause, I want to save you money but anyone tells you they are sure without running the tests are not being honest.

I thought it could be the fuel pump. Or my ecm. I wasn't 2 sure tho. Wen it 1st didnt start, i figured u left the lights on or simething. So I asked my bf 2 use his truck 2 jump me n it didn't work. It just stayed the same. It didn't drain my battery nor recharged it. So I changed the battery n fuses 1st. Still didn't help. Had to have it towed homeAlso wen I crank it, there's no rpms, just lights go on
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Does it attempt to turn over strong?

but that only started today. My car has been like this for over a week
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If there's been a change in the level of crank without doing anything i'd think ECM in that case.

Damn. I was hoping it wasn't gonna b that. Figured itd cost alot n I'd probably have to have it towed 2 a shop. How much u think that might be?Just 2 get the ecm fixed?
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It depends if it's just a flash or new, but still let them run diagnostic alot of times it may be something minor but with the technology now in these sometimes they really need a good diagnostic scan.

Alright. That suxs but it's good that I now no the general area of my problem. Thank u. U we're a big help. I appreciate it.
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You're welcome.

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