Q: 2010 Nissan Sentra isn't shifting right and cvt fluid seems ok

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I purchased the car approx 3-4 months ago. It stalled on me while accelerating about a month ago and it turned out that I needed a new computer. My mechanic got the computer and installed it. I was used to driving a Cadillac so I didn't realize it wasn't driving the way it should have been before the computer went out. When I got it back, it drove AMAZING! He checked everything else and thought I was good to go. The last couple days it hasn't been shifting gears properly and is noisy and running poorly. Almost as if I'm in 2nd gear going 70mph today on the interstate. It has all the necessary fluids. What else can do myself before bringing it in? I'm aware of the recall on my car (it's cvt transmission) and I need to know if it's something I can prevent from getting worse or is there nothing I can do? Thanks in advance for your help!

My car has 139288 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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