Q: 2006 ford 500 transaxle won't work under 32 degrees farenheit

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when below 32 degrees the transaxle light comes on and the car won't move in any gear unless left running for at least an hour. Above 32 everything functions properly.

My car has 150000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Has the transmission been serviced in the recent past ? If so, it’s possible the wrong type of transmission fluid may have been used. If the transmission has not been serviced recently, or ever, then the fluid may be very dirty and contaminated. A transmission fluid service may cure the problem. My concern is the age and mileage. If the transmission has not been serviced regularly - by age and mileage should be on it’s 3rd transmission service - changing the fluid can be hit or miss. A hit that is may just cure the issue. A miss in that underlying transmission issues may be hidden by the condition of the fluid, that may just come out after servicing. I have seen both scenarios. A high mileage transmission responding well to a service, and others that would not shift at all after servicing. Contaminated fluid by nature of it being thicker due to age and contamination, may be masking the fact that the front pump or clutch packs may be worn beyond use, requiring a transmission rebuild or replacement. The fact that it does not shift cold certainly indicates there is an issue. It can just go either way with a transmission service. Leaving it as is, it can either go several thousand miles behaving this way, or it can fail entirely in no time.

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