Q: !995 Chevy 1500 won't start.

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My truck won't start. I initially thought it was just the battery because I knew that batter was due to give out at any time, so I replaced the battery, and still wouldn't start, but it did turn over. I figured this meant it was either something to do with fuel delivery or spark. I took off the air filter and I tried starting the car and saw there was no fuel being sprayed out of the injectors. I then tried an old trick and poured a little bit of gas in this area, and then tried to start the car. The car instantly started up, then shut off after about two seconds. I don't know much about vehicles, but I am pretty sure this means the issue is fuel delivery. When i turn the key in the on position, I can hear a noise in the fuel tank for a couple seconds, so I assume this means the fuel pump is operational. Any advice on what it could be?

My car has 89000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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