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Q: !995 Chevy 1500 won't start.

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My truck won't start. I initially thought it was just the battery because I knew that batter was due to give out at any time, so I replaced the battery, and still wouldn't start, but it did turn over. I figured this meant it was either something to do with fuel delivery or spark. I took off the air filter and I tried starting the car and saw there was no fuel being sprayed out of the injectors. I then tried an old trick and poured a little bit of gas in this area, and then tried to start the car. The car instantly started up, then shut off after about two seconds. I don't know much about vehicles, but I am pretty sure this means the issue is fuel delivery. When i turn the key in the on position, I can hear a noise in the fuel tank for a couple seconds, so I assume this means the fuel pump is operational. Any advice on what it could be?

My car has 89000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. The noise you’re hearing is the fuel pump being primed, but it doesn’t rule a fuel pump or fuel delivery problem as being the source of the hard to start issue. There are multiple fuel filters and fuel connections from the fuel tank to the individual fuel injectors, which means there are several possible sources that without being there to inspect your Chevrolet C1500 would simply be a guess. If there is a blockage or obstruction anywhere in the fuel system, it will reduce fuel flow to the injector. The best advice I could offer is to not replace any parts until a professional mechanic has completed a car is hard to start inspection at your location as it could be fuel, or ignition related components that are causing the problem.

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