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8 Best Mobile Scion Auto Repair Mechanics in Las Vegas, NV


(300 Reviews)
17 years




by Dave from Las Vegas, NV 89129

Awesome. Needed an alternator replacement. Jerimiah came early, was friendly and went straight to fixing the car up in a timely fashion. Car works great now thanks!


by Jackie from Las Vegas, NV 89103

Satisfied first customer! Jerimiah was very professional, comfortable to be around & very knowledgeable! He was kind enough to explain any questions I had during the inspection. His customer service & skills rocked! Thanks again Jerimiah.

(170 Reviews)
23 years


Brake Pads


by Taja from Las Vegas, NV 89169

Cool dude. Very polite.


(71 Reviews)
17 years


Spark Plugs


by D from Las Vegas, NV 89123

Jang (Jennifer T) is a friendly, knowledgeable professional, who gives a good explanation as to what is going on. He is prompt and easy to understand when giving me a list of 'possibles' to be aware of. I supplied parts and the transition was smooth. I will use this service again only if you send MY Mechanic. lol Thank you.


Oil/Fluid Leak


by Chelsea from Las Vegas, NV 89123

Excellent service provided! When I ordered the wrong part(s) he helped me find the correct parts and went to a pick and pull yard when the auto shop had none in stock. He made sure I was only charged for an inspection too.. I scheduled him as my mechanic next week once the correct parts arrive

(48 Reviews)
28 years


by Jack from Las Vegas, NV 89169

Allen was incredibly friendly, informative, and timely with his work on my car. He made the entire process smooth and easy.

(105 Reviews)
21 years


by CONNOR from Campbell, CA 95008

Ruben was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. He provided excellent, timely service and made sure I knew everything he was doing. He made sure I was satisfied with the service, and provided helpful information about my vehicle.

(598 Reviews)
11 years


Brake Pads


by Matthew from Las Vegas, NV 89148

The entire experience with Richard was very pleasant, and I feel confident that my wife will be safe and free of mechanical issues driving her car when he finished. As other reviews mentioned he was a little early and had completed his preparatory work before his appointment time. I decided to work from home so I could be available if needed. I was a bit late meeting him outside due to my obligations. He let me know that he understood and had a calm demeanor that felt very sincere. My wife went to meet him before I was available to confirm the scope of work requested. After hearing from her why we wanted to have the brake pads (both drum and disc) replaced, he let her know that drum brakes often wear more efficiently and require replacement less often than disc. He told her that he would drive the car for a little while and inspect all of her brake pads to determine if we really did need all of her pads replaced. By the time he had returned I was able to meet with him and ask some further questions and let him know I was also very interested in any other potential issues he may find. He let me know that an inspection was a part of the service confirming what I had read on the website and that he would be diligent in looking over the car. As we conversed he was beginning to remove the wheels and hubs to expose the drum brakes in the rear. As we neared the end of our short conversation he had the brakes exposed and was able to show me with his brake pad gauge that the pads were not in critical need of replacement, possibly saving me the cost of parts and labor on this visit if I wanted to do it closer to their end of life. I asked what the minimum recommended pad thickness was and he was able to respond without hesitation. Since the drum brake pads were about midway to requiring replacement, I decided that it was best to do them during this appointment while I had the help of someone knowledgeable and with the proper tools. After this initial exchange he let me know he would inform me when the job was complete and review anything he found that required attention. He worked quickly and quietly from that point, and I passed by him on the way to run an errand. His attention was entirely on the task at hand and his work space showed the signs of organization that comes as a result of experience. After he informed me that the work was complete, he apologized that it took him longer than he had expected. If he had gone past our scheduled end time it was by a very narrow margin and I had not noticed. At no time did he seem to lose his composure while interfacing with us, or seem as though he need to hurry to be somewhere else. He was very focused on providing the proper care for our vehicle and wanted to see that the job was done correctly. He was sure to inform me of the results of the inspection as well and directed me to review my email for a more detailed report. Since he had given our car a good bill of health his overview was brief but touched on the important parts of his inspection. The detailed report was what I had expected, a breakdown of what areas and components he reviewed and a specific score he listed to represent their condition. I wanted to leave a detailed review of my experience so people could make an informed decision about Richard. My opinion is that Richard is the type of professional that the service industry needs more of. I dread the search for a reliable, friendly, and technically proficient mechanic every time I move. This is the easiest experience I have ever had finding the right person to care for my family's vehicles. If you are looking for the same combination of traits in a mechanic to service your vehicles and value not having a logistical nightmare trying to arrange work at a shop, potentially having a difficult time getting to one, I would recommend you request Richard. He is an excellent exemplar of his trade and a reminder to the service industry of the trust and values that build repeat business. I will be requesting Richard as long as I remain Las Vegas for any service I require.


by william from Las Vegas, NV 89121

Richard is the mechanic I request everytime. Extremely knowledgeable,really good guy.

(121 Reviews)
11 years


by Burt from Las Vegas, NV 89131

No complaints, everything went well, and I will defiantly ask for his service next time repairs are needed. Thanks!

(56 Reviews)
14 years


by Gene from Las Vegas, NV 89103

Dave swapped out my brake rotors in a half hour shorter than expected. He's very professional and I would trust him with all of my car repairs.

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