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I have been an automotive technician since 2002. Over my career I have worked for dealerships and independent shops, covering a wide range of Domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. I look forward to assisting my customers with their automotive needs.





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on February 16

Nice guy, just not the best experience

on February 13

Jerimiah is a very good employee. This is the 2nd time he has worked on our vehicle and he is very professional, on time, and he treats and respects our vehicle like it was his. I would strongly recommend Jeremiah and will be requesting his services again when needed.


  • Car Inspection


Saturn L200

on February 05

This visit was the first for Jeremiah with our 03 Saturn. Jeremiah has rescheduled our car for next week with a different diagnosis than we received from a different mechanic. We are very thankful that we have met Jeremiah and we will be trusting our future services with Jeremiah. Thank you very much.

on February 03

Jeremiah was very thorough. I am purchasing this vehicle from 4,000 miles away and really needed someone to look things over on my behalf. He called me and gave me info over the phone as well as sent me a full report. There were a few things not on his checklist that wanted to be checked out and he happily did that for me. I would recommend him for sure!

on January 19

Jeremiah was very professional, it didn't take him very long to diagnose the issue of my truck. It was simplified in less than 5 minutes. We'll done, I strongly recommend his services to other customers. 5*! God bless. Bill USN(ret.)

on January 11

Jerimiah was very knowledgeable, efficient and super helpful! I'm glad that he was the one who came out to inspect my car and I'm looking forward to booking him for any other repairs in the future.

on January 09

Jeramiah was more than I ever expected in a mobile mechanic. He is punctual, considerate, amazingly knowledgeable and makes you feel totally at ease. Its hard finding a good mechanic you can truly trust. I'm proud to say Jeramiah is the ONLY mechanic i would trust with my and my familys cars.

on January 03

Jerimiah was great!! Informative, quick and efficient. I have no hesitation in either recommending him or looking to hire him for any future work I need done on my vehicle.

on December 28

Jerimiah is absolutely a credit to Your Mechanic and as professional as someone could ask for in a mechanic. He is friendly, better than punctual, knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge so that us less savvy car owners can stay a step ahead in keeping our vehicle running well. As long as he is around he will be "my guy"for my old car!

on December 19

Yet again Jerimiah was prompt (a little early which is great) and ready to go to work. He explained things clearly and never felt like I was a bother to him. I get nothing but good vibes about this honest and professional mechanic. He is most certainly my go to guy for all my future car needs. I can't be any more satisfied. He fixed my engine light issues and fully explained the best way to drive so that I can reset all of my sensors so that I can get a passing smog check soon. My ride now has someone to keep it running for a lot longer and for a lot less than I could be spending. Thank you Jerimiah!

on December 19

I was impressed with how prompt he was, showing up a little early. The way he explained things helped me understand the symptoms and the problems so that I was confident in his recommendation and the work he would soon perform. Jerimiah is the "man" and he isn’t trying to over sell you or talk down to you, good honest knowledge/quotes so You can keep your vehicle running.

on December 04

I am not currently in town w my car so I set the appt w my mom and she had nothing but good things to say. Especially since Jerimiah took the time to call and explain to me the situation. I appreciate his help and knowledge.

on November 25

Jerimiah texted me telling me that he’d be early. He diagnosed the problem within a few minutes and recommended what I should do. I appreciate his knowledge and honesty something that put my mind at ease because I’ll have to stare at that engine check light on all the way home to the Bay Area. A sensor got stuck causing the check engine light to come on but the car is still safe to operate. And we all know how these check engine light can make you worry!



Nissan Altima

on January 19

Jerimiah was very knowledgeable, great personality, I would definitely use him to work on my car in the future.

on July 20

He came to replace my timing belt and rear engine mount for Honda Odyssey 2005 but after finding out they were still good he suggested not to replace them yet. He instead suggested to replace both axles as they were leaking and could be causing the vibration when driving. I know both axles were bad as I was under the van a few days earlier trying to replace the engine mount myself but was unsuccessful for not having flex wrenches. He replaced my serpentine/drive belt which I know has cracks for a fraction of what was quoted to me for replacing the timing belt and rear engine mount. I could replace the serpentine belt myself but for a reasonable price I would not spend hours when a professional mechanic could do it in lesss than an hour in my own place instead of taking them to a shop or dealer and wait there for hours. I have scheduled the replacement of the axles with Jerimiah and I'll surely have the next repairs done by YourMechanic.

on October 26

Most excellent and professional. Covered all points of concern with experienced and in depth answers. Most helpful with recommendations for helping with future upkeep of the vehicle. Overall a great mechanic and a credit to his profession. Will absolutely use for future repairs.

on October 14

As always Jeremiah was incredible! This guy knows his stuff and is a pleasure to talk to. He also educates you on why and how the car is being repaired. 5-Stars all the way each and every time. You NEED this guy to be your only mechanic!



Infiniti FX35

on October 31

Jerimiah showed up a little early which surprised me in a great way. He was super personable, friendly, and knowledgeable. he did the job fast ans was thorough. Will look for him next time.

on October 10

Jeremiah was very professional and arrived on time letting me know in advance his eta. I appreciate his honesty and ability. My wife & I will hire him for all future work on our vehicles.

on August 25

First time using this service. I was very pleased with everything. The work was done properly and quickly. He took his time to explain not just what the problem was but also why it happened.

on August 22

I'm not going to lie, I was really nervous to use this company as I'm a) A girl and b) I'd never used this company or known anyone who had. Jerimiah was AMAZING. He showed up early, figured out the issue in no time, and went the extra mile to educate me and make sure my car was safe in all the other areas. He gave me a simple quote on some things to keep in mind for the future, and definitely gained a repeat customer. This company is lucky to have mechanicals like this...genius idea, with just as genius employees.

on August 25

Awesome as always!!! I couldn't be any happier with Jerimiah and I will be recommending him to everyone! He is so fast and always early! He's knowledgeable and knows his stuff!

on August 18

Jerimiah was fantastic! He's at the top of my list for people to call for any kind of mechanical work. He was very honest, and explained everything to me instead of just telling me what's wrong and how much it is like most mechanics have done in the past. He was on time, and finished early and now my car is up and running! Thank you!

on August 10

Jeremiah is incredible! Knowledgeable is an understatement. I feel I can trust him and his word completely. I never thought I would say that about a mechanic but he is awesome! He came to my work, was done in 30 mins and educated me on how to keep my car running in top shape for the foreseeable future. Highly HIGHLY recommend this gentleman to take care of all your car needs. Exceptional service, I could rave on and on. Thank you sir!

on August 02

He did an amazing job checking my engine after a check engine light came on. Really great service, I will definitely book another service with him. Thanks again for this awesome service!!

on August 02

Satisfied first customer! Jerimiah was very professional, comfortable to be around & very knowledgeable! He was kind enough to explain any questions I had during the inspection. His customer service & skills rocked! Thanks again Jerimiah.



Ford F-150

on June 16

He was on time and knew what he was doing . He explained everything and the quote is what I was charged. Next time we need service we will request Jerimiah.



Toyota Camry

on August 02

Punctual, professional, knowledgeable, courteous... I can go on and on about Jeremiah. Your Mechanic is a great service and very easy to use. Will definitely utilize them again!

on July 29

Jerimiah provided an honest and thorough assessment of a vehicle we were considering from out-of-state. I can't tell you how appreciative we were of his attention to detail and ability to explain what he saw to us so that we could make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase. Well worth the investment!



Scion tC

on July 09

Awesome. Needed an alternator replacement. Jerimiah came early, was friendly and went straight to fixing the car up in a timely fashion. Car works great now thanks!

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