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by Damian from Anaheim, CA 92804

I became familiar with YourMechanic thru a Groupon add. My wife was really reluctant for me to try them, since it was her car and she did not understand it all. Ron's reviews prior were few but were all excellent reviews...so I said Why Not! Ron was great, very professional, very efficient and explained everything with out over explaining. He communicated well and was knowledgeable. I think my only complaint is the way the YM system communicates. When I made my appointment it was for 3pm. When I got the emails prior, they all stated 3pm. But the morning of the email/text stated he would arrive between 3-4pm. When I went back to my previous emails and looked online it stated to give the mechanic at least 30 minutes to arrive. This was very confusing and can be deceptive when people need to schedule time.

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Answers to common Suzuki questions

Car leaking antifreeze and overheating
Answered by Mia
If the vehicle isn't overheating you probably just have a coolant leak somewhere. If left unattended however, your vehicle could run out of coolant and subsequently overheat. Overheating can lead to extensive engine damage, so I recommend addressing this issue...
The belt came off the pulleys
Answered by Tyler
One of the first things that should be checked when dealing with a serpentine belt that has come off would be to check that all of the pulleys that are used for power steering, water pump, idler pulleys, alternator, crankshaft,...
New refrigerant only temporarily fixes air conditioning
Answered by Paul
Based upon your description, it appears you have a refrigerant leak. If you have inserted refrigerant that has 'UV Dye' included, detecting the leak is helpful with a 'UV light'. There are four major components linked together with hoses and...
After filling my car up with gas, it has a labored start
Answered by Eduardo
I would first retrieve the trouble codes, to see if that can shed some light on what the issue may be. If this problem occurred only after you filled up, then it may possibly be a problem with the type...

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