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How much does Plymouth Belvedere repair and maintenance cost?

The cost depends on your car, the type of service, and where you live. Here are estimates for a selection of Plymouth Belvedere services.

Service Estimate Savings Dealer Estimate Location
Service type Window Motor / Regulator Assembly - Driver Side Rear Replacement for 1967 Plymouth Belvedere V8-4.5L Estimate $400 Savings 43.17% Dealer Estimate $705 Location Phoenix, AZ
Service type Control Arm Assembly - Rear Upper Right Replacement for 1963 Plymouth Belvedere V8-5.9L Estimate $245 Savings 42.22% Dealer Estimate $425 Location Vista, CA
Service type Exterior Door Handle - Passenger Side Rear Replacement for 1971 Plymouth Belvedere V8-5.6L Estimate $181 Savings 40.57% Dealer Estimate $305 Location Gap, PA
Service type Windshield Wiper Motor - Rear Replacement for 1966 Plymouth Belvedere L6-3.7L Estimate $272 Savings 43.59% Dealer Estimate $483 Location Medfield, MA
Service type Axle / CV Shaft Assembly - Passenger Side Front Replacement for 1970 Plymouth Belvedere V8-5.2L Estimate $307 Savings 39.85% Dealer Estimate $511 Location Bunnlevel, NC
Service type Headlight Bulb - Driver Side High Beam Replacement for 1970 Plymouth Belvedere V8-5.2L Estimate $114 Savings 27.87% Dealer Estimate $159 Location Beverly Hills, CA
Service type Differential / Gear Oil - Rear Replacement for 1969 Plymouth Belvedere V8-7.0L Estimate $130 Savings 31.53% Dealer Estimate $190 Location Glendora, CA
Service type Ball Joint Front - Upper Right Replacement for 1960 Plymouth Belvedere V8-5.9L Estimate $167 Savings 33.11% Dealer Estimate $250 Location Findlay, OH

Fast and easy Plymouth Belvedere services at your home or office.

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Answers to common Plymouth Belvedere questions

A lot of fluid came out from the front of my car. I think there is a problem with the radiator.
Answered by Jamahl
The leaking fluid could be from your radiator. The radiator is at the front of your car and contains antifreeze or coolant. Any damage to the radiator can cause a loss of antifreeze or coolant. In addition, the radiator hoses...
Gas is pouring out of the throttle body. What would cause this?
Answered by Jay
The fuel pressure regulator is leaking fuel into the intake manifold and may have even filled the engine oil with gasoline. You should have the fuel pressure regulator replaced ( and the oil and filter ( replaced. You may have...
Oil pressure light comes on when stopped
Answered by Tim
Hi Matt. Thanks for contacting us today. I would agree with your assessment of a faulty oil pump or even a faulty sensor. The damaged main bearing would likely cause consistent oil pressure issues, so I think you can rule...
My speedometer doesnt work what could be the problem
Answered by Tim
Hi there. A speedometer is controlled by a few different components including the speedometer cable, speed sensor on the transmission and wheel sensors. Any one or multiple parts can fail, leading to the speedometer to fail. It's probably a good...

Fast and easy Plymouth Belvedere services at your home or office.

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Backed by 12-month, 12,000-mile guarantee