16 years of experience
Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, FL

I've been an automotive technician since 2001. I am ASE certified and have held the position of Lead Diagnostic Technician. My specialties include a wide variety of repairs and diagnostics on Domestic and Asian vehicles. I aim to deliver professional and efficient service to my customers in every job.





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Toyota Tundra
on April 26

John was absolutely awesome on time professional and very knowledgeable I will absolutely use his services again.


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Ford Ranger
on April 15

John was super kind, professional and thorough. He turned a bad day into a good one and patiently got my truck up and running again!!! Thanks John!!!

on April 06

John has did a wonderful job on my BMW by putting on my fan belt without using the tool it required he was very professional and quick ! It was a must to give him 5 stars .. thank you john for your service 馃檪!

on April 07

Extremely knowledgeable, hence 16 years of experience haha! Honest and extremely helpful mechanic. Not the type to make a quick sale, but will be straight forward and give some great advice. Definitely will be using John again if needed!



Honda CR-V
on April 02

John did a great job and completed the work as promised. There was a mistake on the labor portion of the estimated cost for the work but honored without paying more than the original quote:

on April 21

He had great knowledge of what needs to be done. He took extra time out to check another problem i am having, and give me a quote.

on April 05

John took his time and was very neat. He treated my car as if it was his. He checked for other issues with my car while it was elevated and made some good recommendations. Unfortunately one of the recommendations he gave me could only be done by the Buick dealership because they were the only ones that has the necessary parts required to perform the transmission flush and we know how dealerships overcharge for their services. The invoice was reasonable and a bit less than other automobile service departments.

on March 08

John was very professional, arrived exactly on time and explained the process before beginning work. He completed the repairs, did a full inspection and addressed all of my concerns. I paid the exact amount I was quoted and those charges were explained as well. Great service, great mechanic!



Buick Rendezvous
on March 07

You truly want John to be "Your Mechanic". I'm an intern for the Disney College Program and am away from home, so when my window became stuck and wouldn't go up I started panicking. I was hesitant at first when I was shown Your Mechanic's website, but it turned out to be a great decision. First, the website gives you an incredible play-by-play of what's happening throughout the duration of booking and completing your appointment. Secondly, not only do they give you updates on your appointment, but for someone who doesn't know much about cars I appreciated the fact that they provide you with detail on what it is your car is having an issue with and its relation to your car as a whole. John was the best mechanic I could have hoped for. He was on time and got straight to work on my car. He was both friendly and proffesional as he examined my window and explained in detail what the problem was. He took his time to explain anything I had a question about which I greatly appreciated. Not only that but once he finished up with my original service he then gave me some maintenance suggestions about my car. Usually when this happens I get the feeling that the mechanic is trying to upsell me to get more work done - this was NOT the case with John. He explained the things that should be of higher priority and why they were so important while also telling me about some additional things that should get done but why they can stand to wait a little longer. He took his time and was very patient with me throughout the entire process and I couldn't be more grateful. Overall, I was nervous about giving Your Mechanic a chance but John completely squashed that nervousness as soon as he got here. His work was professional and his demeanor was incredibly friendly and courteous. I will definitely be requesting him WHEN I book my next appointment and will be referring him to anyone I meet. Thank you again, John, for your excellent service!

on February 14

John was very nice, professional, knowledgeable, and efficient! He answered all my questions and helped me understand what was going on with my car. If you're clueless about cars, like me, and want someone you trust working on your vehicle, I highly recommend him!

on December 05

I was buying a car site unseen because I live 5 hours away from Winter park. John checked out the car and was very thorough in his report to me. The salesman at the dealership told me twice how very thorough he was. I was able to get the car I wanted because I knew it checked out!

on January 25

John was fantastic! He did an extremely thorough and detailed diagnostic of my car and was very honest about what I needed done. He explained what should come first for safety and what I could wait on. He also took the time to explain parts and showed me pictures of everything! I highly recommend him!

on January 24

I am happily surprised on my appointment today, to say he was thorough is an understatement. He checked my car out end to end and made me much more confident about the car in general. He was as I hoped, willing to tell me what needed to be addressed NOW, and what could wait but should be fixed and let me know what order to do them in based on need. I will definitely be scheduling him soon to some of the work we talked about. As far as I am concerned, he is my mechanic for this car from now on. Coming from me, I am not easily impressed.



Kia Soul
on October 22

Very professional and knowledgeable, he completed the job and the car runs very smoothly. I was taken aback that he did a timing belt change and not one drop of fluid was left behind. He went over vital repairs that were truly needed versus trying to upsell as some dealerships will do. Rest assured John will be my go to mechanic. I wish he had brought business cards for the people who kept coming up to him.

on October 21

He did the review with no rush, answered my questions and asked if there was anything I wanted to be checked that was not on the list. I will be booking him for my next used car purchase. Thank you so much.

on October 26

john is very friendly and professionally he let me know step by step of what he were doing very great guy he were on time did a very outstanding job I will truly use his service again and recommend

on January 05

I wasn't sure about what was wrong with my car. It was my first time getting help by Your Mechanic. John came on time and fixed my care right away. I really appreciated because I felt hopeless when my car stop working.

on November 02

John was very professional. He was confident and answered all my questions(first car). I learned a lot and found out what i needed was not what I got diagnosed with before. He knew what he was doing and it showed!

on December 27

Thank you John for such a detailed inspection of the car . Now we have peace of mind knowing that the car is good and safe since our son will be driving it.

on November 03

It's always GREAT when you have a technician with knowledge like John, but character and honesty is rare these days and he brings all of this to the table. He not only repaired the car in a timely manner, but he gave me options when diagnosing the problem instead of making a sales pitch and making me feel like I was cornered with no choice. He was EXCELLENT and I HIGHLY recommend him for your next service.

on November 07

He is a great help. Very soft spoken and honest. He's open to question and even gave me personal suggestions on what my next step is. Since this is my first car, he knew I would have a lot of questions.

on November 12

Fast, professional, solved my issue and friendly. I will not only be using John for all my mechanic needs but I am going to refer him and this "your mechanic" service to everyone I know. With all sincerity thank you all for your service. Expect my business in the future.

on February 06

John was very courteous, calm and professional. He explained everything to me clearly and helped me understand without over charging.

on January 17

John did a great job. He was very professional and courteous. Most importantly he knew what he was doing and did it in a timely manner.



Kia Sedona
on March 14

Could not be happier--John exceeded all expectations--he is a superior mechanic with a great personality.

on November 22

John was fantastic, did a great job, but did not change the oil and filter - I thought I had set this up through the YourMechanic site, but this did not go through for some strange reason, so now I have to book again for the straight forward oil/filter change - this may have been due to some rogue internet boffins, or it may have been operator error - John was great, though ;)

on October 17

John was explanatory, professional, and capable and puts you at ease, that you have a "Good Mechanic" right here in my driveway.

on November 02

John arrived promptly. He seemed very thorough and answered all my questions. His input helped me feel better about my decision.


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Acura MDX
on January 23

John is very knowledgeable, detail oriented and committed to customer satisfaction. I will definitely call him again!

on January 19

He was on time, professional and friendly! The expense is worth the convenience, and i will ask for him next time.

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