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Answers to common Audi Q4 e-tron questions

Audi stuck in first gear.
Your transmission needs a vehicle speed sensor signal in order for it to shift. A bad sensor ( may be the cause of your problem and would need to be properly diagnosed by a qualified mechanic to scan for codes...
Brake pad sensor on - 2014 Audi Q7
Answered by Robert
Hello. If the brake pad light came on, then that does typically mean that the vehicle needs brakes. It is possible that the sensor itself just shorted out, but I rarely see that on this vehicle. If the brakes are...
Car headlight intermittently on/off even after new bulb
Answered by Spencer
An intermittent headlight issue is a common problem. The most likely cause are the headlight assembly itself, a wiring issue, or a faulty switch ( Any of these have the potential to cause the headlight to intermittently fail. If the...

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