Disabled Driver Laws and Permits in Nebraska

In the state of Nebraska, disability license plates and placards are available permitting people who have disabilities to use handicapped parking spaces. Depending on the nature and duration of your disability, you can get a plate or placard from the Department of Motor Vehicles in Nebraska. You can apply online, by mail, or in person.

In some states, permits are permanent, but in Nebraska, they have to be renewed.

Types of disability permits in Nebraska

In Nebraska, there are several options for disabled parking permits. They include:

  • Permanent disability placards that hang from your rear view mirror
  • Temporary disability placards that hang from your rear view mirror
  • Permanent disability license plates

If you are visiting the state of Nebraska, your plates or placards will also be valid. The placards and the plates both permit you to park in handicapped spots. You may not, however, park in spots that are specified “no parking” – this means no parking for anyone, disabled or otherwise.

Getting a disability permit

You can apply for a disability permit in Nebraska in one of three ways:

  • In person
  • By mail
  • Online

If you are applying either in person or by mail, then you will need the Application for Handicapped Parking Permit, and you will have to include the following:

  • Your identification (driver’s license, passport, or other government identification)

  • Medical certification, signed by your doctor, a physician’s assistant, or a licensed nurse practitioner

The next step is to either take your application to the DMV office in your area, or mail it to:

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
Driver and Vehicle Records Division
Attn: Handicapped Parking Permits
P.O. Box 94789

Getting a handicapped license plate

To get a handicapped license plate, you must fill out the Application for Handicapped License Plates. This has to include a signed medical certification from your doctor. You will get an approval letter by mail, and if you have asked for a disability placard, you will also get that in the mail. Then you have to take the letter of approval and your vehicle registration fees to the office of the treasurer for your county, at which time our plate will be issued.


Placards and plates expire. Temporary placards are good for three to six months, and can be renewed once. Permanent placards have to be renewed every six years. The process for renewing is the same as it is for applying and requires the same paperwork.

Lost permits

If you lose your plate or placard, you can have it replaced. You will not need to provide medical certification for the first two replacements, but you will need to fill out new paperwork if you lose your permit a third time.

As a disabled person in the state of Nebraska, you are entitled to certain rights and privileges when it comes to parking in disabled spaces. There is paperwork involved though, so be sure that you have your documents in order.

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