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B1975 OBD-II Trouble Code: Passenger’s Seat Recline Back Switch Circuit Short to Battery

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B1975 code definition

The B1975 trouble code detects a circuit malfunction from the passenger seat recline back switch.

What the B1975 code means

The B1975 code is a generic OBD-II trouble code that signals a passenger seat recline back switch circuit error. The passenger seat recline back switch allows the seatback of the front passenger seat to be adjusted. Pressing this switch, which is usually located on the outboard side of the seat, will further recline the front passenger seatback. If the body control module or powertrain control module (PCM) detect a circuit malfunction from the passenger seat recline back switch, then the B1975 trouble code may be stored.

What causes the B1975 code?

The B1975 trouble code has two common causes. The first common cause is damaged electrical components, either in the passenger seat recline back switch, or in the power seat system. Shorted wires, open connectors, and blown fuses are common culprits of this code. The second common cause is a faulty passenger seat recline back switch. While very rare, it is also possible for the code to be triggered by a malfunctioning body control module.

What are the symptoms of the B1975 code?

A vehicle with the B1975 trouble code will most likely have power seat recline problems in the front passenger seat. The seatback will likely not be able to recline backwards, and will probably not be able to recline forwards, either. This code sometimes is accompanied by an illuminated check engine soon warning light on the instrument panel.

How does a mechanic diagnose the B1975 code?

The B1975 code will be diagnosed using a standard OBD-II trouble code scanner. A certified technician will use the scanner to look at the freeze frame data and diagnose the code, while also checking to see if any other trouble codes have been detected. If there are numerous codes present, then they will need to be addressed in the order that they appear in. The codes will then be reset, and the vehicle restarted, so the mechanic can see if the B1975 code is still present. If it is not, then an inaccurate detection, or an intermittent issue are the likely culprits.

If the code remains present after being reset, then the mechanic will begin by visually inspecting the electrical parts in the system, and replacing any that are damaged or otherwise compromised. If all of the electrical components are in good condition, then the passenger seat recline back switch has likely failed.

When any parts are replaced or repaired, the trouble codes should once again be reset, the vehicle restarted, and the B1975 code again checked for. This will tell the mechanic as soon as the issue has been resolved.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the B1975 code

The most common error that is made when diagnosing this code comes from a failure to properly follow the OBD-II trouble code diagnosis protocol. The diagnosis protocol should always be observed step by step, as it helps guarantee efficient, thorough, and accurate inspections and repairs.

Fully functional passenger seat recline back switches are often inaccurately replaced because damaged wires and connectors were never checked for.

How serious is the B1975 code?

A vehicle with the B1975 trouble code will be completely drivable, and won’t experience any drivability problems. The front passenger seatback will likely not be adjustable, however, which can cause problems. If the seat is stuck folded forward, it will not be accessible for a passenger. If the seat is stuck in a reclined position, then it will not be safe for a passenger to sit in while the car is driving. When this code is detected, an inspection and repair should be scheduled.

What repairs can fix the B1975 code?

Repairs for the B1975 code are:

Additional comments for consideration regarding the B1975 code

The B1975 trouble code is a manufacturer specific code. A manufacturer specific code is one that has multiple definitions depending on the automaker. This code often notes a passenger seat recline back switch circuit failure, but it can detect a different vehicle body trouble for other automakers. It’s important that the mechanic take into account what vehicle is being inspected when this code is diagnosed.

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