10 Best Automotive Power Tools

Automotive power tools have been helping mechanics and freelancers tackle many different projects over the years. Automotive power tools have been provided by multiple different vendors and have improved throughout the years to accommodate changes in compressor technology. Benefits of having automotive power tools include repairing several issues less effort than it would take using hand tools. Old power tools get a start on performing these same jobs, but may not be adequate enough to complete the job.

Most mechanics working in a shop invest in tool programs, such as Snap On Tools, Mac Tools, and Matco Tools, spending a healthy amount of their earnings. Other technicians or freelance mechanics, on the other hand, may prefer to save as much of their earnings as possible, so they tend to settle with lower cost power tools. These power tools can be good enough for the jobs performed, however, the tools may not adapt to the same conditions as easily as higher end tools.

You can own tools from any brand - Snap On, Mac, Matco, Craftsman, or Harbor Freight and get any job completed. It is best to first determine what jobs you will be working on and what type of tools are needed for them. You’d also need to determine the cost of the tools required to perform the jobs.

Power tools are placed in two categories: air power tools and electric or cordless power tools. Air power tools are great to have when you are working out of a shop or a service truck. However, when you need to help someone and are not able to have access to air supply, the electric or cordless power tools are better for the job. In today’s market, cordless power tools are most commonly used, as they are easy to use and usually last long enough for a whole day’s worth of work.

Check out the following 10 best automotive power tools recommended for you. These affordable tools are ranked by quality for you to decide what best fits your needs.

10. Porter Cable - 4 Tool In One Combo Kit with Soft Case - $199.00


The Porter Cable kit comes with a drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, a light, two batteries, a charger, a carry bag, one replacement saw blade and one replacement wood-cutting blade. The drill powers up with 283 units of watts and has two speeds, from 350 to 1,500 revolutions per minute. This gives you the power you need to do just about any job. The drill is lightweight and compact for easy storage. The circular saw has speeds of 3,700 revolutions per minute for max performance. The bevels can adjust from 45 degrees to 90 degrees for special cuts. The saw also has a depth adjustment without using a tool. The saw has a blade that can be changed without using a tool to make it easy for you. There is an LED work light that allows you to work in areas that have where the lighting may be dull. The kit also comes with two 20-volt max Lithium-ion batteries and a charger that will fully charge up the batteries.

Buy this Porter Cable tool kit from Lowe’s.

9. Black & Decker - 4 Tool In One Combo Kit with Soft Case - $129.00


This unique kit includes a ½ inch drill driver, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, a light, a charger, replacement saw blades, bit tips that are double-ended, a carry bag, and a wrench to change blades. The drill has a ½ inch chuck that powers up to 412 lbs of torque with two speed ranges. Plus, there is an LED light to help with the drilling and an 11-position clutch. The saw is high performance and rotates at 3,000 circulations per minute. This saw comes with multiple speed ranges.

Buy this Black & Decker tool kit from Home Depot

8. DEWALT 4 Tool In One Combo Kit with Soft Case - $299.00


This kit has a ½ inch drill, a ¼ inch impact driver, a reciprocating saw, an LED light, two batteries and a carrying case. The ½ inch drill has strong power to speed up to 2,000 revolutions per minute with using a 2-speed transmission. The impact driver has three LED lights that help you see the job you are performing without having any shadows visible. The kits reciprocating saw has a clamp that does not require a key to change blades. This allows you to change the blade quickly without touching the blade. There is a work light that has LED built in it with a strong 110 lumens of light for your comfort and visibility. The battery charger that comes with the kit can charge up the batteries within one hour for your work advantage.

Buy this Dewalt tool kit from Lowe’s.

7. Ryobi One+ - 18-Volt Combo Kit - $299.00


This combo kit is loaded with 18-Volt lithium-particle gadgets that will transform your interests into technician occupations. The variable-speed responding found in this pack incorporates a cutting edge with a ⅞ in. stroke length equipped for 100 SPM. For high-torque affixing employments, swing to the effect driver for turning slack fasteners, screws and fasteners. A multipurpose carbide cutting-edge accompanies the 5-½ in. roundabout saw, fit for cutting through material at rates up to 4700 RPM (no-heap). A keyless hurl secures ½ in. bits into the lightweight penetrate, a variable-speed gadget that permits the administrator to choose 1 of 24 grip settings for ideal torque. Cut, rub and sand hard-to-achieve spaces with the JobPlus Base and multi-instrument connector (some JobBase frill sold independently). Never dismiss your activities with the included ONE+ work light that can be situated on its gut, raise or dangled from above with the capacity to pivot and point the head where craved.

Buy this Ryobi One+ tool kit from Home Depot.

6. Ridgid Tools - GEN5X 18-Volt Combo Kit - $279.00


This toolkit presents the cutting edge in force instruments with the GEN5X 5-Piece Combo Kit. GEN5X lasting magnet engines have been designed to give the best-in-class force, execution and runtime, giving you the favorable position on any jobsite. The pack accompanies two LiON 4Ah batteries that can be energized in 25-30 minutes utilizing the "double science" (i.e., NiCd or LiON) charger incorporated into the unit. Between the more extended 18v 4Ah device runtimes, quick revive cycle, and having two batteries available, hot-swapping the batteries as required could keep any of the five devices running about ceaselessly under the most requesting use cases.

Buy this Ridgid tool kit from Home Depot.

5. ACDelco - 5-in-1 Combo Kit - $583.91


The ACDelco combo pack conveys monstrous force amid top of the line torquing. With its driving rival being skilled worker, the ACDelco offers a solid case plan with two durable lithium-Ion batteries to stay aware of the hurl loads. The pack accompanies a fastener wrench, sway wrench, drill driver, drove light bar, and an investigation camera. The link has a 8 mm head with a 6 foot water proof link for to be utilized as a part of any condition.

Buy this ACDelco tool kit from Pep Boys

4. Craftsman - C3 19.2-Volt Six Piece Combo Kit - $259.99


The Craftsman six device combo pack has an incredible collection of instruments that can help you to do a wide assortment of undertakings. This pack includes a ½-inch drill, ¼-inch impact driver, multi-tool, reciprocating saw, circular saw and a pivoting LED flashlight. Used for genuine work, this pack has everything to take care of business. The kit is the ideal starter unit and is an incredible expansion to other tools you may already have.

Buy this Craftsman tool kit from Sears.

3. Bosch - 4-Tool in 1 Combo Kit - $499.00


Get the ideal minimal force instruments for an assortment of undertakings with this 18V cordless Lithium-Ion 4-apparatus combo pack from Bosch. This combo pack includes a cordless Lithium-Ion ½ inch hammer bore, a cordless Lithium-Ion 6-½ inch roundabout saw, a cordless Lithium-Ion responding saw and a cordless Lithium-Ion spotlight. The unit accompanies Lithium-Ion batteries that convey shocking force for four hours without charging permitting you to work an entire eight-hour work day.

Buy this Bosch tool kit from toolbarn.com

2. Makita - 6-Tool in 1 Combo Kit - $499.00


Makita gives you the perfect pack for handling substantial obligation applications with this 18V LXT Cordless Lithium-Ion six piece combo unit. The unit incorporates 18V ½ in. hammer driver drill, 18V 6-½ in. roundabout saw, 18V proportional saw, 18V xenon electric lamp, 18V sway driver, and a 4-½” cut-off/edge processor. The pack additionally accompanies two 18 volt Lithium-Ion batteries for full conveyance of durable force for the hardest jobs.

Buy this Makita tool kit from toolbarn.com

1. Milwaukee - M18 - 6-Tool in 1 Combo Kit - $629.00


The combo kit conveys an astounding energy to the majority of the apparatuses. The pack accompanies a ½ Inch hammer drill and driver, a responding saw, a round saw, a ¼ Inch hex effect driver, a 4.5-inch cut-off processor, and a work light. The responding saw and the round saw both have wellbeing switches worked in them to avoid unintentional initiation. The pack accompanies two 18 volt batteries that keep going for five hours for every battery giving you ten hours of battery use before recharging.

Buy this Milwaukee tool kit from Home Depot

Quality tools are possible on a limited budget. Remember to choose a set of automotive power tools that will best fit your needs.

If you have any questions regarding purchasing automotive power tools, ask a mechanic for help on how to do so.

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