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How Much Does a Mechanic Make in Arkansas

how much does a mechanic make

If you are considering an automotive technician job in Arkansas, you need to know the basic facts about this work. For instance, what can you earn? What does it take to do this work? Is there are way to boost earnings? These are important questions because earnings for mechanic jobs vary according to where they are done, what level of training the mechanic has, and whether he or she has certifications and specialized skills.

What will you make as a mechanic in Arkansas? Nationally, mechanics earn from $31k to over $41k, but the earnings in Arkansas range from $38k for median earners and up to $66k for the highest paid mechanics.

Why the difference? This, as we said, is due to location but also the level of training. While it would be great if the naturally skilled mechanics and auto technicians could earn based on those skills, it is necessary for all to become certified and formally trained. Classroom, online and on-the-job experiences tend to boost earnings quite substantially. So, if you want an automotive technician job with high earnings, you will want auto mechanic training.

Training increases earning potential in Arkansas

To earn the highest salary possible from auto mechanic jobs in Arkansas, you need certifications, or to build upon your existing training.

Currently, there are 27 schools in the state of Arkansas that provide automotive technician training. They range from six-month programs at colleges like Arkansas State University and College of the Ouachitas, but there are also two-year degree programs in Ozarka College and others. Enrolling in any of these programs gives you opportunities for certification in specific areas of auto repair or maintenance. The longer the programs, and the more in-depth the training, the better your financial potential.

This is because employers value specialized knowledge and skills as highly valuable. Particularly certifications through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, also called as ASE certifications. Done by testing for specific topics, they can eventually qualify you as a Master Mechanic making the highest auto mechanic salary in Arkansas.

They focus on nine specific topics: brakes, engine repair, heating and air conditioning, manual drive train and axles, suspension, steering, electrical systems, engine performance, light vehicle diesel engines and automatic transmissions for light cars and trucks.

Training in a technical school outside of Arkansas

Of course, there are schools outside of Arkansas, including trade and vocational schools, colleges, and formal mechanic's schools. The latter provide the most focused and specialized training, enabling you to begin mechanic jobs upon graduation.

Among the top auto mechanic training options is UTI Universal Technical Institute. Featuring a 51-week program that provides automotive technology training, it provides one full year good towards the two years required for Master Mechanic status. UTI also makes Manufacturer Specific Advanced Training available, which partners students with factory-authorized training for leading manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan, MINI, Ford and many others. Participating in such programs usually means sponsorship from an employer, though it is not mandatory.

To earn the most as a mechanic in Arkansas, you will need to focus on auto mechanic training. If you want an auto mechanic career, it is the perfect path to follow.

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