How to Obtain an A3 ASE Study Guide and Practice Test

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence provides mechanics with over 40 different certification opportunities, achieved through ASE testing. Gaining these certifications can make you more employable, and potentially give you leverage for higher pay with your existing employer. It also serves as a way to prove that you’ve learned what you were supposed to learn in automotive technician school.

Whether you want to get a better automotive technician job or simply want to enhance your credentials and build your reputation, getting certified in the ASE A Series is a smart move, and one that will serve you well throughout your automotive tech career.

The first order of business after you decide to get ASE certified is to obtain an A3 study guide and practice test. This portion of the series covers Manual Drive Train & Axles, and is the third of eight sections required for Automobile and Light Truck Master Technician certification.

The ASE website

The official ASE website offers a Test Prep & Training page which links to free downloadable study guides for every certification offered. This is the best way to get a thorough and accurate A3 study guide.

A3 ASE practice tests are also available on the Test Prep page; however, these aren’t free. The first one or two are charged at $14.95 per test, numbers three through 24 at $12.95 per, and 25 or more at $11.95 each. The tests work on a voucher system. Once you make your purchase, you will receive a voucher which you use on the practice test of your choice.

Practice test voucher codes are good for 60 days. You should note, however, that using more than one voucher won’t help you practice different versions of the same test – there is only one version for each level of the certification

Third-party websites

As you search for ways to obtain A3 ASE study guide and practice test you’ll probably notice that there are other, unofficial sites claiming to offer free guides and tests. The most accurate and thorough way to obtain these documents is to use the official website set up by the Automotive Service Excellence organization. If you do decide to take a chance on third-party practice websites, make sure you look into their reputation so that you don’t waste time on something that isn’t accurate.

Taking the test

As of 2011, the written ASE tests have been discontinued. All testing is now computer based. In addition, testing is now available throughout all 12 months of the year, and you can choose from a variety of test times, including weekends. In addition, you will receive your test results right away. The website also features a demo of the computer-based format so that you can get a feel for it and make sure you’ll be comfortable with how it works before you actually get there.

The A3 ASE test is comprised of 40 scored multiple choice questions. The tests typically contain additional questions, used for statistical research purposes, however these extra questions will not be scored. You will not be able to tell which questions count and which don’t, however, so you still need to answer each one to the best of your ability.

Becoming ASE certified is an investment in yourself and your auto mechanic career. The institute makes it simple to obtain an A3 study guide and practice test, and to find a local test center, making it easier than ever to add these credentials to your resume. Visit the website and get started on a better future today.

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