Q: What is the average cost for a valve and piston rod replacement job. I thought it was the lifter but now they say its valve.

asked by on April 22, 2017

The car was making a loud ticking noise, I was told it could be the lifters? I took it in and they tell me that two of the push rods were broken. When they replaced them one of them wouldn't connect to the valve and they say it's broken? What would the cost be to repair replace the valve and push rod?

My car has 100038 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The cost depends on the amount of damage and is quite literally impossible to even guess at without physically removing the parts and determing exactly what parts have to be replaced. It is not just a simple matter of taking a valve out and putting a new one in because the valve seat and valve guide may need to be restored. If the valve seat has to be restored, that is work performed at a machine shop. Anybody who gives you a firm and final estimate of the cost of this specific repair is fooling you unless they have x-ray vision or, perhaps, intend beforehand to take enough short cuts, that is leave out REQUIRED steps, to give you a quick repair and pocket your money. Your best course is to get in touch with a reputable, honest and competent, engine rebuilder and get their specific advice. Repair of valves (the valve seats, guides, camshaft, measuring the flatness of he head and INSPECTING the rest of the valve train for damage or excess wear) requires equipment and expertise that is not found in most shops. Despite all that advice, to help you just as best I can, I’m "still" going to give you at least one cost/repair scenario. In a circumstance where the valve train on one cylinder bank in an engine is damaged (an allegedly damaged valve, in your case), it is possible to just replace the ENTIRE cylinder head as one unit, that is replace the part that has all the valves already set up and pre-installed. If you went that route, an off the shelf already re-built cylinder head for your car costs roughly $250 but you got to add to that cost a lot of incidentals such as the head gasket, NEW head bolts, other gaskets, and, of course labor. It might take 7 hours (very rough) to replace the one head that has the broken valve, so 7 hours of labor is roughly $630. So, adding in a little for the incidentals, at minimum, it’d cost at least $1,000 if you just replaced the head to solve the problem but that assumes that no other damage is found. At least that will give you some idea. Select YourMechanic professionals will perform the repair, and of course as important advise you as to your best and least cost options, so if you want to explore that possibility just contact YourMechanic at 844-249-6752. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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