Q: What do you do if your shoved in a trunk and the latch is gone, and there is literally no other way out?

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There are more and more occurrences of kidnappings happening and i want to be prepared if i do get kidnapped.

Well there are many different makes and models in which this would vary significantly. Most vehicles have a latch on the inside that will allow the trunk to be opened. Although older vehicles didn’t have this option. If the latch as been damaged you may be able to pull the linkage that was attached to it enough to release the trunk. Many vehicles also have an access through the back seat into the trunk. Although in a bad situation that may not be your first choice. The final recommendation would be to find and detach the brake light which is accessible through the trunk. This would allow you to signal someone for help.There are screws that hold the light in place, and you will have to find a way to remove those screws. Anything flat and sharp should do the trick. I have attached an article that provides information and steps on how to escape a locked trunk.

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