Q: Weird sounds when starting a car.

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My car barely started this morning after I just put a new battery two days ago and it didn't have a problem starting. I didn't drive yest. It was a warm day. The night was in the single digits. When I tried to start a car (a button starter), all lights on the screen came up and were blinking since the engine couldn't start. I smelled burned gasoline with smoke outside of the car because my door was open. The loud knocking sounds were coming from the hood from the right side. I was afraid to try again. Waited for a minute, tried again, and again the same thing. Looked like the engine couldn't break free from beeping frozen. Finally it started, and all the pounding sounds disappeared. What do you think could cause it? I'll change the oil today for a 5W20, which I had before. The Auto Shop says it can't be the oil problem. I'll put the fuel additive to prevent it from frozen. What else can I do? And could something been damaged during this start up? Please, help. Elena

My car has 80000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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