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I have 2 refill completely or top off water (antifreeze) in plastic reservoir container right before I start up my car 2 go . somewhere. (Haven't driven my car since beginning Nov due to hospital so all this happened starting in summer months) I will drive my car, heater works fine, I don't have a temp gage so I don"t really know if car is running hot although @ times (not always) I can kind of smell that it is hot. When I park car & go back 2 it I happen 2 notice that water/antifreeze has leaked out from some-where. I have had my car about 2 yrs now but haven't really driven it much due to illnesses & hospital. The first yr I drove it maybe 2,000 miles & last yr perhaps a little more. I do have an extended warranty but it doesn't cover everything. When I took the car 2 a mini dealership 2 have oil changed they said was theromstat & needed 2 b replaced. I DONT TRUST THEM They didn't even test drive & at first said it was radiator housing but on paper put thermost & cost.

My car has 87000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission. I wrote u a while back but can't remember how precise I was in asking question. I'm afraid of the $ cost just to find out what is actually wrong w/it & then more $ to fix it. I probably should have looked into the car's possible problems b4 I purchased it or bought more of a warranty which I did think I had purchased because I thouht of all possibilities re engine, but I do luv my car & am pretty much stuck w/it now.

Hello, thank you for writing in. When it comes to coolant leak, they are either internal (when the engine burns the coolant), or external (when you see the leak flowing). With what you describe, it sounds like the leak is external and needs to be located. Once you find where the leak is coming from you will know what component has failed and needs to be replaced. The most likely areas for a leak are the hoses, thermostat, and water pump. Double check all of these while the engine is running and you will likely be able to see where the leak is coming from. For more help resolving the leak, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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