Q: Want to find out price to change complete brake for my Toyota Camry 2010 and also cost to change strut of the same vehicle

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The car vibrates when the brakes are applied.

My car has 85611 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

All of YourMechanic’s many brake system repair and diagnostic services are listed on the YourMechanic services page. In your circumstance, if you have pedal pulsation or vibration on braking, that is usually due to warped brake rotors and or "thickness variation" in the rotor. That means, at minimum, you need new rotors and pads. A question though is "why" did the rotors warp? If the rotors warped because the calipers are sticking, you have a brake line restriction or the torque plates are damaged (corroded), obviously just replacing the rotors and pads is useless as the new parts will wear out prematurely. I think in your circumstance, the simplest, easiest and ultimately least costly approach is to request pad replacement but when the mechanic arrives, just simply let him or her know of the pedal pulsation. What the mechanic will then FIRST do is determine if pad/rotor replacement alone will resolve your issue fully, that is the mechanic will FULLY inspect the brake system and, once done, will let you know if the calipers are OK, the torque plate is OK and so forth. By the way, you can never replace pads without, at minimum, resurfacing the rotor, so rotor resurfacing or replacement will of course be required no matter what; the mechanic can quote the labor and part cost on the spot; also you have to decide if you want Toyota OEM rotors or not; OEM is greatly preferred for technical reasons but OEM rotors might be 25-40% more costly than aftermarket. To conclude, if you schedule brake pad replacement, the mechanic will take it from there and get you squared away and at the least possible cost. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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