Q: Vibration when in idle and right on take off then stops

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Just bought this car a week ago has a two year warranty noticed a vibration soon you start up. When you take off it has the same vibration and when you come to a stop at idle. Took it in they check over the To mining belt and everything said to be fine vibration is getting worse any ideas. I have the four cyclinder eco tech it has a huge plastic engine cover over engine they said it could be that checked it's not any ideas?

My car has 73249 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Among the possibilities are the engine is out of tune (scope the engine), the harmonic balancer is defective (has shifted; rubber bond is broken), a rotating element is loose (torque converter to flex plate connection; crank or other pulley), the crankshaft is unbalanced, or the motor mounts are not holding the engine rigidly enough. Actually, the first thing to do is check your state’s USED car lemon laws. If your vehicle was sold with a two year warranty, and your state lemon laws cover USED vehicles, keep in mind that the vehicle will have to be repaired by the vendor within a reasonable (limited) number of attempts. If not so repaired, the lemon laws give you, the consumer, specific rights and remedies. If you are having difficulty getting it properly diagnosed, simply request a second opinion from YourMechanic. The recommended service is an engine vibration diagnostic and the responding certified mechanic will get to the bottom of this for you and estimate the cost of the needed repairs.

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