Q: Vibration and sound along with clicking once wheels are turned when off the ground

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Hit a curb then had shop replace damaged parts(rght.fr.strut,cvaxle,swy.barlink).noticed vibration and unsafe handling once on hwy. Had different shop check it they replaced control arm bushings on both sides. Popping when turning gone. No noise until on hwy. again. This time noise is louder and feels like some resistance, also tranny seems to be having a little trouble now. Got off hwy. now the noise and vibe are slower but apparent on city streets. Thought maybe a bad wheel bearing. Jacked both wheels off ground and they don't free spin and I hear clicking from both sides. No play in wheels. Don't recall clicking when turning really don't want to drive it. Also first shop didn't do alignment. It needs it though. Steering whl. Sits cock-eyed to the right and seems like I have to turn wheel more to the right than left. No other visual damage. I'm wondering if first shop installed a defective cv axle or installed improper and if left is bad, but also not 100% on wheel bearings being bad

My car's actual millage is unknown o.d.says over 100,000 My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello thank you for writing in. There are several components that you will want to have looked at. Regarding the wheel bearing, they do cause similar symptoms, and if you hit hard enough, you will want to have them inspected. Secondly your control arms are more prone to damage with newer vehicles than some of the other steering and suspension components, and you should have them inspected as well. While you may need an alignment, it is not going to cause these issues unless it is way off. The other commonly overlooked possibility is damage to the tires. You will want to make sure the tires are balanced and properly inflated after all of the damage and work that has been done. For more help with these processes, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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