I have a problem with my ford transit custom 2.2tdci

I have a problem with my ford transit custom 2.2tdci Mechanic's Assistant: What year is your Transit? A clunking/ knocking noise when I release the clutch especially the first gears Mechanic's Assistant: Has the c...

I have a problem with my ford transit custom 2.2tdci Mechanic's Assistant: What year is your Transit? A clunking/ knocking noise when I release the clutch especially the first gears Mechanic's Assistant: Has the clutch been slipping? Are you having any trouble shifting? 2nd 3rd Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Transit yourself? What have you tried so far? No trouble.shifting 2014 Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? The noise is hard hit metal noise when i release the clutch , especially in acceleration

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Hello. Sure. My name is Anton
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Hi anton I hope you are well . Any vibration ?

No not really. The only thing is that the steering is a bit hard but not excessively and on uneven roads the van is quite bouncy. The car has 115000 miles
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Ok so the fact the noise is when you letting off the clutch could point to a clutch or flywheel that is starting to fail . I would start by getting the engine mountings checked and driveshafts for any wear . After this if they check out it would be a case of pulling the transmission to take a look at the clutch and flywheel

Yeah I thought about the clutch/flywheel too but one day I was driving up a wet slope (first gear) and the wheel were spinning with no girp. Once the tyres got the grip I heard the same clunking noise i hear when I release the clutch. In this case clutch and flywheel have nothing to do seen that they were already engaged.P.s if I release the clutch very slowly I can avoid the noise
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It will have a dual mass flywheel so it’s likely that this is worn and it’s the springs inside causing the noise

From what I remember a broken spring in the dual mass flywheel is an ongoing noise. It makes a continuous noise. My car makes a single noise ( knocking noise and shaking of the car ) only on the release of the clutch ( 2nd 3rd gear ) 4th 5th and 6th nothing. Normal driving there is no noise. Downshifting also no noise.
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No always and in fact most fail in the way at the beginning that there is only noise when changing up gears and taking up the play on clutch

I see. Last question and thankyou very much for your advice. How much woul that cost to change flyweel+ clutch ( is single mass flywheel an option here? ) Is there any chance that could be an engine/gearbox mount or the driveshaft? There is also a vibration/rattle that i notice when I press the clutch pedal ( halfway down ). For.the rest there is no problem or difficulty in changin gears
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Ok average cost for clutch and flywheel is around £1200 . I wouldn’t recommend fitting a solid flywheel they cause more issues than they solve

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