Q: Pressing the gas pedal and not getting the desired output

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Hello..i just did a valve adjustment job ..it went wrong the first time(tight=scary idle) ..i did it again and was successful..now sometimes i press the gas pedal from still ..the car responds but not as desired..it feels like an intermittent response for a maximum of 1 second then things go back to normal...Is it a carbon build up issue due to my first valve adjustment (tight) ? if yes..where did the carbon build up in (valves, throttle valve,,exhaust,cylinders).and finally..can driving the car with high revs (for a few days) solve the problem and remove some carbon.?thanks...

My car has 154000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It may not have anything to do with your valve adjustment. Your car is almost 30 years old so it could have any number of problems. I would begin by checking for air leaks. Look at all of the hoses and rubber parts that hook up to the engine and be sure everything is in good condition. Any air that gets into the engine without passing through the air flow meter will weaken the fuel mixture. Also, the throttle switch and air flow meter could be wearing out. They are both very sturdy parts but at 30 years old, they could be subject to failure. If course you want to check all the typical ignition tune up components. If you decide you need help with this, contact Your Mechanic. they will send a technician to your home or office to check out your BMW and recommend a solution.

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