Q: Truck won't start when outside temp drops below 45 degrees.

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My 2001 Dakota 4x4 with the 4.7 magnum will crank but not start if the outside temp drops below about 45 degrees. Could the ASD relay cause this? If so where can I find it? If that's NOT it, can ya give me some clues as to what it can be?

Thank you.

My truck has approximately 299963 miles.
My truck has an automatic transmission.

Hello There, It sounds like you may have a fuel pressure problem. Try turning the key on 3-4 times before trying to start the motor as this will cause the fuel pump to come on priming the fuel system with fuel. Sometimes a fuel injected system may lose fuel pressure by sitting for long periods of time making the next start a bit tough due to a lack of pressure. If this is the case, you may have a bad fuel pump or a faulty fuel pressure regulator. This may also be related to a faulty temperature sensor relay. When you turn the key on in the mornings, the temperature senor relays the temperature of the motor to the computer which then makes the proper adjustments to the air/fuel mixture at start up. Engines need much more fuel than normal when they are cold as opposed to when they are running at normal temperatures.

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