Q: Truck won't start but it is turning over just not catching but just checked oil and there is none

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I have a 2006 F150 and it won't turn on I just drove to the store and it was fine get back in and won't start but the battery is new just changed it 3 months ago when I go to start it, it is turning over just not catching on and the lights, radio and dome light will all turn on. I checked to make sure battery was connected and it is but I checked the oil and there is none could that be why the truck won't start

My car has 206117 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Without additional information and testing the no start cannot be determined with supplied information. However if you ran the engine with no oil in the engine then there may have been internal engine damage. First fill oil in the crankcase so the engine is not low on oil and then try to restart the engine since it needs oil pressure to work correctly. The no start will need the computer and fuel pressure tested to see if there is fuel pressure and any codes stored in the computer indicating the cause of the no start. The fuel pump control module on the cross member under truck is a common cause for the no fuel pressure no start.

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