Q: Transmission 2004 BMW X3

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hi i have a problem when trans oil is cold. f.e. in the morning i tart the engine push accelerator but car doesnot move, if i push harder 4000 rpm it moves slowly. also if i begin with D it moves better then going back and front trying to get out of parking place. after 1-2 minutes it runs fine. also in summer ( same situation but oil is wormer ) i may lunch without any problem but on low rps transmission cannot shift to 4 gear, solution push accelerator more or just release it , after that car runs fine mo metter what. do9nt know if i checked it right but seems like oil is filled as it should be and it still has a good red color. sticker says oil is lifetime and i dont know if someone changed it before. i hope it is clogged filter ... :) what can u say about this ?

My car has 162000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there - this transmission (5L40E) has problems with valve body wear in higher mileage vehicles that can manifest itself in some of the behaviors you describe. This is due to hydraulic pressure not being high enough for complete, rapid gear engagement and proper shift behavior. I would recommend a thorough transmission inspection of the hydraulic circuitry (valve body and solenoids) to confirm that this is the problem, and that transmission clutches are not damaged. Unfortunately, this is not a service YourMechanic offers at this time. Seek out a reputable transmission shop in your area for this diagnostic service.

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