I have a 2000 toyota solara and when I'm driving it tends...

I have a 2000 toyota solara and when I'm driving it tends to have a grinding noise when the pedal is down but when I let go it stops sometimes at first it was doing it every now and then but it's doing it more often now, originall...

I have a 2000 toyota solara and when I'm driving it tends to have a grinding noise when the pedal is down but when I let go it stops sometimes at first it was doing it every now and then but it's doing it more often now, originally it was close to the wheel making me and everyone else I talked to think it's a wheel bearing but now it's moved closer to the transmission, and when I have someone look at it they can't hear anything, I need help soon because now I'm thinking it's more of a CV axle and it's pulling to right after having an alignment done, I don't want something that dangerous to break while I'm driving and end up in a ditch or another car Mechanic's Assistant: Have you heard this particular sound before? Yes and it started a couple months ago and got worse but no one basically will help me until it breaks Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Solara yourself? What have you tried so far? I haven't touched it but I don't know what is causing it to even fix it Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? That's all

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Good evening, I hope you are doing well despite the current issue. Thank you for choosing JustAnswer. My name is\*\*\*\*\* am a master automotive technician and would be happy to assist you with this today. It sounds to me like there is either an issue with one of the wheel bearings coming loose, or the cv axle is separating and making noise when the [brakes](/topics-brake-toyota/) are applied. I would be leaning towards it being one of the front wheel bearings. A bearing can be a safety-related failure so I would definitely get it lifted and inspected ASAP

I've had it inspected and they said nothing is wrong plus I happened to be unlucky and ended up with a press in bearing, and the noise doesn't happen when the breaks are applied
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Okay I must have misread it. Does the noise happen when it is the gas pedal applied?

but stops when I let go and its at 50 to 60 more at 60 every time but it doesn't always happen it's like one day it does it and the next nothing
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Okay got it. At that point, I would be looking for a possible noise inside the torque converter/transmission. If we have a torque converter separating it will make similar grinding noises while driving. If we had a failing axle or bearing it would be more of a constant noise

Would that mean a new transmission
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It depends on where the failure would be. If it is the converter then you can just replace that. If it is the converter and the front input shaft/pump, then it would mean new transmission or a rebuild

What about if your converter is on the inside and would it cause it to shift from the wheel to transmission
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No the converter would not cause it to feel a shift between the transmission and wheel, something like that would be more along the lines of a loose transmission mount

No I mean the grinding noise
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If it is the converter the sound will be originating from the area of the transmission. You will hear it towards the inside of the [engine](/topics-engine-toyota/) bay towards the middle. I would check to make sure the transmission fluid level is good first

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I will be logged back on tomorrow morning, let me know if you find anything once you check the fluid. Talk soon.

Ok thank you
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You're very welcome. Have a great night

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