Q: The front left tire tilted inward after I replaced the Sway Bar

asked by on December 07, 2016

I had noises from the front left tire area , so I replaced the Sway Bar on the front left because it wasn't good , the noises sound gone but I  noticed after that the tops of the tire is tilted inward after I replaced the Sway Bar in front left . what It causes the toss of the tire is tilted inward ?

My car has 119350 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

As is the case with most vehicles, the preferred camber setting on the front wheels of the 2007 Prius is slightly negative, that is the top of the tire is tilted inward as you are observing and describing. However, the amount of PREFERRED (i.e., factory recommended by Toyota) inward tilt, measured in degrees, is small, at only -0.58°. According to the Toyota Factory Service Manual for your car, as long as the camber measures within the range of -1.33° to +0.17°, that is considered acceptable but only so long as the DIFFERENCE in camber, from left to right, does not exceed 0.75°. That is very important...ideally the difference should be closer to zero but if it is too large, that is if the difference exceeds 0.75°, the car will pull to the side with more "positive" camber and not be fun to drive. The preferred setting of -0.58° is the best, though.

It is really hard to eyeball camber settings unless camber is obviously way out (big visible tilt). Consequently, if you suspect a problem, the value should simply be measured using a camber gauge (there are DIY techniques that are perfectly acceptable and, in fact, I align all of my own cars using fairly readily available tools...not easy, but doable). If camber is out on the Prius, there is a detailed factory specified protocol, using special bolts, that is used to bring camber within specification or to the preferred setting. Of course, if camber on your vehicle is presently way outside the range set forth by Toyota there may be damage to frame and/or suspension components of the vehicle.

If you desire an inspection of the vehicle to determine if there is damage, or if you need more detailed information regarding vehicle wheel alignments, please schedule an inspection through YourMechanic and/or let us know of any follow up questions.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details

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