Q: Strange noise coming from under the hood.

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First off, I do know the car. It's a 2001 Ford Falcon AUII XR8, Falcon wasn't listed in the options under 2001 Ford.

There is a really concerning noise coming from under the hood of my car; it sounds like the noise when you release air from a balloon while stretching the escape from side to side, or if you were to have a rubber tube from a bike tyre being pulled quickly across a smooth metal surface

This problem seems to occur when the revs are at or above approximately 2,500. When it does happen, the car loses an incredible amount of power and the higher the revs go, the more intense and louder the noise gets. The problem tends to stop once the accelerator is released and about 2-10 seconds pass.

My mate originally thought it would have been a problem in the gear box and we tried driving in first, second, third and just drive, but it still did it in every gear. Things like oil, water and whatnot are all up to check as far as I'm aware.

Thanks for readin' - Eugene

My car has 120000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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