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Q: steering wheel shakes

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When driving at any speed car shakes violently and pulls to the left. I can hear a thumping sound coming from the left front wheel well. Just changed hub assembly 2 days ago didn't correct the wheel shake az i thought. Could a bad strut or shock cause this much shaking please I need help

While a number of possibly worn or bent suspension components can cause the vehicle to pull to one side, what you are describing sounds like it may be a tire issue. If a tire has a "shifted / broken belt", you can experience exactly what you are describing. Basically, when a belt shifts or breaks, the tire is no longer round. It can become more "egg-shaped" - causing a bad vibration, violent steering wheel shaking side to side, "thumping sound" and pull to the side that the tire is mounted on. While this is not an everyday occurrence, a tire can develop a shifted belt no matter the age and mileage. Depending on the age, mileage, and brand of the tire, it may be covered/replaced fully or partially under some sort of pro-rated policy.

Have the tires inspected. If they are not the cause, have a certified technician look into the vibration at any speed to isolate the exact cause.

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