Q: Steering to the left is fairly difficult when car is stationary.

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I have recently replaced my inner and outer tie rods, got an alignment at bell tire. and on my next pay day replcaed my wheel bearings. steering was sloppy at high way speeds, so i took car back to bell tire to check alignment again and rebalance tires on the front. mechanic stated my control arm bushing needed repair and replaced my control arm bushings. Now i cant make a left turn in a parking lot. used to turn perfectly fine before. thought it was my power steering, so i removed fluid from resevoir, put seafoam into it ran for about hour, removed fluid and topped off with fresh fluid.... problem still exists and i'm at a loss of ideas. havent noticed any leaks. no whining, except when turning left my engine seems to drop in power and i can hear the hydrolics whine a little. no noise when turning right

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