Q: Steering failure after driving through deep puddle

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During a wet driving episode, I went through a huge puddle. Shortly after, I tried to make a right turn and the steering wheel refused to move when I tried turning it. It remained in this state for around 10 seconds, at which point I was able to steer again and complete the right turn. Is this a serpentine belt or tensioner issue? The belt is the original one.

My car has 84000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

This may not be a problem with the vehicle at all but a problem of running in deep water. The belt started to slip when the water got on the bottom pulley. The engine and belt is not designed to be operated in deep water. Your engine may be damaged if the water is ingested into the engine. You should have the air filter checked along with the belt and tensioner for any damages from going through the water.

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