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Q: starting problems

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whether the issues was related or not one day when I turned the car off the fan motor continued to run. I took it to a mechanic who said my problem was electrical which he did not handle. He however bypassed some relay switch which would allow the water to circulate while it was running I had to remove the fuse after I shut down the car or it would continually run even when the car itself was not running. if not I would find the battery dead the next time I tried to start the car.. Now along with the fuse issue when I engage the clutch at start up it makes this god awful sound. If I suppress the clutch all the way it makes the sound when starting and shifting gears. If I back off just a tad when pushing in the clutch I can eliminate the sound . Now the latest is while I was coming up to a stop the car died. My first reaction was to push in the clutch and turn the ignition key to restart the car. But as I pushed in the clutch the car started with out me doing any thing with the key.

My car has 150000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

The fan motor issue is not related at all to the clutch or engine stalling. To resolve the fan issue, simply request an electrical component diagnostic. The responding certified mechanic will test the circuit, particularly the relay in the circuit and any sensor that may command the fan on. Electrically, something is "stuck" permanently "on" but the mechanic will find it and fix it. The clutch issue may be related to a failing or failed release bearing or pilot bearing. This can be addressed in a clutch system diagnostic. Again, the same mechanic will identify the failed component and estimate the repair cost. If the bearing has to be replaced, the engine and transmission have to be separated and you may need additional parts such as new clutch friction material, pressure plate, and so forth but the responding mechanic will inspect everything and show you, in person, exactly what is required. Finally, engine stalling is dealt with in an engine stalling diagnostic. Obviously, quite a few possibilities - in the ignition, fuel, and/or air induction systems - can account for engine stalling but fuel system and air induction issues top the list. It seems as though you have your hands full with this car at the moment with three fairly significant problems. The fan issue though is fairly minor. The stalling will be resolvable once a diagnostic is complete. I suggest you request a diagnostic on the clutch first because that is "probably" going to be the costliest issue and, indeed the clutch needs to be working order so the car can be test drove when it comes time to fix the stalling issue. Please let us know how we can best assist you.

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