Q: Stalling running heavy when I hit the gas pedal makes it chug

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Hi my Silverado when I hit the gas pedal it will go about a few feet and then the taxi drops down like it isn't getting any gas. When I am in park and I rev the engine up it almost dies when I back up it dies. I have already replaced fuel tank fuel pump fuel filter throttle body. Idle air control valve. I replace distributor cap and rotor and plugs and wires. I also changed the coolant temp sensor. I also changed the ignition control module. When I go uphill it chugs very bad feels like the truck is about to come apart. When I had the old tbi on it didn't do that all it did was stall. I had changed the fuel pump after it was running normal but died. So I had a new one put it ran great 2 weeks later back to the same thing. Mechanic said change the tbi that made everything worse. The injectors are so loud you can hear them inside the truck. He pulled the fuel pump out the sock was black and was nasty so we got a new tank as long with a new fuel pump. It stopped dying. The motor is new.

My car has 10000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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